Nude Nite Tampa 2013

photo - Doug Scaletta

I can't believe it is already Wednesday! This week is blowing by. I still want to share my fun finds & faves from last weekend's Gasparilla Art Festival, but I think I'm going to have post a bit at a time. 

Today I want to highlight Nude Nite Tampa 2013. The party starts tomorrow from 6pm - midnight. It also runs Friday & Saturday nights. 

* Since 1997, Nude Nite is a national juried art exhibition with hundreds of artists celebrating the body beautiful by creating a bazaar-like atmosphere of artistic talents from paintings, to photographs but also in live body painting, sensual performances, shapely sculpture and experimental installations. The abundance of imagery makes Nude Nite a 'must-see event.' 

Thousands visit the Nude Nite 3-evening event to linger and engage in the daring conversation the art inspires. Glass of wine in hand, visitors from all walks of life and age groups, mingle with a crowd as diverse as a European market. The background beat of DJ’s and strolling musicians need not compete, there is room for all creative spirits here in its warehouse sized space. Collectors and gallery owners vie for works by emerging artists as photographers maneuver to capture the best shots of the unique and colorful characters that abound. Later in the evening, eyes move from the wall to the stage as performers share their interpretation of the theme. From dance troupes to mimes, the continual buzz of artistic performances creates an ongoing energy that is difficult to leave behind. * - from the event website 

Aqua Fortis - mixed media

I'll have two lovely ladies on the wall, Aqua Fortis and In Fieri. Influences on these pieces include alchemy, metamorphosis, and the female form. Aqua Fortis (strong water) is a solution of nitric acid in water. Highly corrosive it was used by alchemists to dissolve silver and other metals (except gold) while searching for the philosopher's stone. Aqua Fortis was also used by artists, craftsmen, and refiners to alter the materials they were working with. 

In Fieri - watercolor on torn patterned paper

In Fieri = "In the course of execution; a thing commenced but not completed"  Every culture has its own name for the serpent devouring its own tail: Yggdrasil, Jormungandr, etc. And the woman... well, I think the woman is evolving ... but into what? Influenced by a 15th c. ouroborus drawing.

There are over 140 artists participating this year's Nude Nite, as well as performance artists. The event is being held in a converted broom factory on the edge of Ybor City. Visit NudeNite.com for more information on everything from "the history of nude art" to directions to the party.

You an also connect on FaceBook where you will find videos by past performers and artists giving their take on the event.


  1. I actually think that is fantastic!
    If I lived in the area, I would go.

  2. I think your entries are beautiful - good luck and enjoy it all

  3. Awesome! I haven't been to a NN yet, I've been slacking on my pimpin...I mean painting...lately ;)

  4. That is so cool. Sounds to exciting!

  5. I'm looking forward to going Saturday night (as long as I'm not totally crashed out from being up early and dirt biking all day, lol); I'll definitely keep an eye out for your art.