Burning the midnight oil on Musical Monday

Hey there. How goes 2015? 

I'm chimimg in for some overdue Musical Monday time. This week Xmas Dolly's blog hop has an "Animal" theme. Lately my shuffle has been full of Sanders Bohlke, so here he is singing Wolves:

On the aside, I can't say enough good things about Bohlke's album, GhostBoy. Click here to catch a sample over at Communicating Vessels. I crazy love the opening tune, Pharoah.

Hunting for (or sharing) some wild animal-themed tunes this week? If so, pop over to Dolly's zoo and join the safari.


Otherwise: I'm still pecking away at G.R.R.Martin's Songs of Fire and Ice (Game of Thrones) series. I don't have HBO so geeking out to the books. Almost done with book #5 and have to admit to enjoying them much more than expected.

Watching-wise: pleasantly surprised by the Gotham episodes I'd DVRd: a fun cast, decent writing (& perhaps most important- great lighting, staging and eye candy). I've also (finally) boarded the Supernatural train via Netflix since so many folks I follow on Pinterest are always sharing, 

What are you filling your spare time with? Any music, books, or TV/movies topping your list? I'm always looking for new things to fill the late night hours. 


TMI for 2015

Hey there! How does 2015 find you?
 Off to a great start, I hope. 

Me? Well, the last couple of years life stuff overruled art-stuff. Health-stuff overruled life-stuff.... and so it goes. Nothing "drama" but nothing worth sharing either. Just trying to get the most out of every day. Not wanting to be a downer has led to a lack of blogging on my part. (Lame excuse, I know.) But, as this is my fess-up-and-move-on post, I'm just leaving it out there.

There have been some unexpected bonuses to my 2014 "down time", including hours to read and listen to music. Also, time to visit other blogs, something I'd missed out on for a while. Glancing around the web a common theme for 2015 (besides dieting / paleo / whole 30) seems to be a new focus on on sharing real-life and not just happy-happy-joy-joy posts. It is an interesting idea and I look forward to seeing what some of my favorite folks share this year.

It is said that you should never apologize when serving food or when blogging. The idea being that your audience doesn't know what you meant to serve in the first place (before you burned or burned out). Well, I'm gonna anyway. If you've stuck it out with me though the blogging decline, (gawd, I luv ya!) many thanks! 

Hopefully things will get more interesting around here. While I am not as articulate, productive, or positive as I was 5+ years ago, I am still here. I just process things in little blips, shorter sentences and (of course) random musical clips. There will still be giveaways, new WIPs, DIY faves, some original tutorials and occasional interviews.

It will be interesting to see how 2015 plays out. 
Thanks for joining me for the ride!


We have a winner!

Happy New Year!

We have a winner of the creative inspiration giveaway! One lucky winner has been selected with help from random.org. 

Congratulations to (Ri)Charmed Life

You have won the first Artsnark blog drawing of 2015! I will contact you with details for claiming your prize.

Many thanks to all who entered. Your interest keeps the random drawings coming. 

Best Wishes To All For A Wonder-Filled New Year!


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Kick off the New Year with some creative inspiration!

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Best wishes to all for a wonderful end to 2014. Have fun! Be Safe! See you next year!


Enter to win Inspirational Quotes Illustrated book + $10 craft store gift card- Ends Jan.1

Ooh - I have some exciting news! A couple of weeks ago I found these beauties in my mailbox! Inspirational Quotes Illustrated  features "more than 100 artists and 130 quotes" is edited by Lesley Riley and published by Northern Light Books. 

I feel fortunate to have two pieces in this wonder-filled book. It is great fun to share pages with some of my favorite contemporary artists, including Seth Apter and Pam Carriker (featured here back in 2009).  

This colorful compendium is available in paperback (as well as for Kindle) through Amazon. Feeling lucky? Enter to win a free copy! Leave a comment on my blog before 1 a.m. (EST) on January 1st to be entered in a New Year's Day random drawing. The winner will also receive a $10 gift card to Michaels Craft Stores. Click here to find a Michaels near you. You can also use the card in their online shop.

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On the aside, the family has decided to unplug this week. As a result, this giveaway will not be getting much promotion. (Chances are this will make your odds even better.). I will pop back around the 27th or 28th to add a little something extra to sweeten the prize, so be sure to check back and check out the additional goodies.

Until then - Merry Christmas to those who celebrate! And Happy Holidays to all! Best wishes for a creative week!!


Thursday Giveaway: Winner of Michaels Crafts giftcard

Woo Hoo! We have a winner! 

With help from random.org, today's winner of the $10 Michaels Craft Store gift card is....

Cathy Kennedy from CuriousAsACathy.com

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Monday Music - Christmas....Star Trek Style

I'm a bit late to the MM party today. Sharing a little holiday spirit for the Trekkies - tho' it has been around a while & they have probably enjoyed before. (Of course if a true Trekkie they will enjoy it again.) 


For a more traditional Christmassy tunes pop over to XmasDolly's & check out her Musical Monday blog hop. There is always something fun playing over on Dolly's jukebox.


By the way, if it is not yet 12/11, any comment left enters the writer in a random drawing for a $10 gift card to Michaels Craft Stores. And who doesn't need some last minute holiday cheer or extra glitter? For details, click here.