Random Tuesday Thoughts - whine & cheese


Hey there. How have you been? Wow - I just dropped off the map. Spent last week getting the husband & company ready to rock at Spieltage 2010.

Then the French strikes (or at least the coverage) escalated & I've been scrambling for the last 2 days, rearranging travel plans. Discovered France24 for news updates. Our Paris trip has been postponed until things settle down a bit. Thought about going to Rome but the airlines wouldn't let us swap cities so we'll be visiting the City Of Lights sometime next spring....

ooh...what would Doris say?

Not much else going on around here.....let's see... the Finish-And-List-A-Piece-A-Day  for a week was a bit of a flop (5 finished, 1 listed). There was way too much going on last week. Will have to try again soon. Anybody want to join me?

Got a minute? I was messing around & put up a flashy fall banner in my ArtSnark Etsy & ArtSnark Artfire shops. I'm concerned that on Etsy it is too distracting & on Artfire too blurry (nothing to distract from in there yet).  

What do you think? Do I need to use the same banner in both? I'm thinking about going back to the blue banner in the Etsy shop & just clearing up the Artfire Blur. Any & all feedback is greatly appreciated.

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Speaking of cheese, here is a well aged one for you


  1. Thanks for stopping by Girlfriend!!!!! Hugs!

  2. Well, I am loving the newest bright yellow banner! Bright and fall like. Love it! I chose that one!
    Thanks hun!!

  3. My favorite cheese shop!! Too bad about Paris... but Paris in the spring is something to look forward to during the winter: )