Steampunk Pick Up Lines

(c) 2011 Julie Ray Photography, Model  Sarah Hunter, costume Brute Force Studios

"You look just like a girlfriend I once assembled…"

The Tampa Bay Steampunk Society is holding a Cheesy Pick-up line contest & the choice phrases were featured yesterday over at the always entertaining Dr. Fantastique's Show Of Wonders. Worth a click thru - some very silly stuff...  

Steampunk Pick-up Lines for Wooing that Special Lady (or Gentleman) 

Just in case you are actually tempted to try out any of those oh-so-tawdry pick up lines, first take some advice from those perpetually fun-tastic gents, The Cog Is Dead:

Thank yous to Thomas Galvin for posting this lovely lady to the Central Florida Steampunk Association's FaceBook page.  This fab photo was taken by Julie Ray PhotographyModel is Sarah Hunter, costume is by Brute Force Studios & hair by Debra Weine.


  1. Love the pic...the costume too!
    So cool!'
    Have a great day

  2. Very cool photo, the costume is awesome too.

  3. Right up my alley! I love steampunk and this photo is awesome. Thanks for sharing :)