Random Tuesday Thoughts - Prophets, Party Games & Peter Parker

After a long a$$ day the anarchy of an RTT kinda hits the spot.

ramona falls - prophet

If you have been around here awhile, you know I was geeking-out all spring waiting for this album. Life has been so crazy that I only just got to enjoy it today.  I have to agree with the talking heads who say that the last Ramona Falls release, Meletric, was much better. But (unlike many of them) I still like Prophet.

On that note.... I have been having troubles with my (dying) computer & i-tunes is acting up again. Adding to that tonight's day-job stuff is taking over my chill/art time so I needed a music mainline to get the graphic design groove on. Decided to listen Prophet on my (yet unused) Amazon Cloud. Here it gets weird: "The cloud" intermingled Nirvana, Goyte & this album - and I'll be damned but it really works! Here is a sample:

What am I messing with tonight? 1st I'm trying to get the word out that a few cases of our new (fall release) party games arrived today. I don't often talk about the day job here, but I am very excited about this new batch of family-style games. The official premiere is in the near future - however we will be sampling them tomorrow at a friend's Independence Day Bash and this weekend DH will be teaching them at the Dice Tower Convention in Orlando.

Keeping with the random - what is up with the new Spider Man movie? I kept seeing previews & wondered WTF?? Seems a bit early for retro, yeah? Before too many Spidey fans get all riled up, I was kinda digging the new Peter Parker in the previews. I'm actually an Andrew Garfield fan & think he has the potential to go to some dark places that Tobey McGuire couldn't pull off.

Web of stories sent me a fun piece of potential churnalism on Stan Lee and Peter Parker the other day. Not really my thing (I am a Dark Night gal, myself),  but here is a link to a captivating interview with the man himself. If you are a fan it is a must-watch for some background on P.P.'s quirks & how nouveau they were at the time.  (problems with the link - I've contacted WOS & hope it gets fixed soon)

Ooh - I have so much more to share but losing my steam (& the kidlet keeps getting out of bed) so I'll call it a night. Time to put the Mom hat on & then get back to work. Best wishes for a wonderful week  ahead & hope all who celebrate the 4th enjoy their Independence Day!

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  1. I'm definitely more of a bat-gal too. Hubby and I both love the comic stuff though so I'm sure we'll see Spidey despite both agreeing that it's too soon after the last franchise did it!