The Magic of a Moment

The Magic Momentary Man of Moments 

The Dude (formerly known as Little Dude) asked me to share his latest mixed media creation here. This is his vibrant interpretation of "the magic of a moment" challenge (hosted by the local PTA). It measures 18" x 16", much larger than his usual format. The figure is a magician standing beside a giant magic hat with things shooting out the top. In the bottom margin there is the text: Yay Woohoo Wow How does he do that!? 

The Dude also had to come up with his first artist statement. On the aside, am I the only person who hates writing these? He wrote:

I chose to make this artwork because I always loved magicians since I was a baby so when I heard the theme was the magic of a moment I totally got excited, so I decided to make a moment magician.

And here is the artist enjoying his own magical moment this past summer.

1 comment:

  1. He did a wonderful job!
    I am a fan now! Can't wait to see his next piece.
    So cute!