Musical Monday Luuuve Songs

With Valentines Day right around the corner, Xmas Dolly is rocking the romance today. There are way too many groovy tunes to choose from but here are are a few of my faves. Starting with Bap Kennedy's Moonlight Kiss (above). Next we've got some Josh Ritter:

Looking for some more romantic inspiration? Pop on over to XmasDolly's place and bop along with her Monday blog hop. With an eclectic mix of hoppers, you'll have lots of lovely bits to choose from.

Caged Bird - Unkle with Katrina Ford

Want to strut your stuff? Post your favorite serenades and then share your link over at Dolly's new digs.

Another heart-day note: Cloth Paper Scissors is having a free Make-a-long Valentine webinar on 2/14 from 1-1:30 pm (EST). Click here for details - basically you register, collect the basic supplies & then click the link they email you to catch the tutorial. I have listened to a few of their online classes in the past & have really enjoyed them.

On a final note, have you entered the giveaway I am hosting for Novica.com? On 2/21 I'll draw a random winner from folks who have left a comment on my blog in the last few weeks. The lucky winner will receive a $50 gift certificate to the Novica online shop. You can actually get 3 entries into this drawing - find all the details here.


  1. You definitely have quite interesting choices today and I must say I love them all! They're so different from one another; the first one was so mellow and the last one was exciting with that tribal drumbeat :)

    Thank you for introducing some new songs to me!

    Have a musical and love filled week ^.^

  2. I love that you have an eclectic taste in music, and I love your choices! Great way to start my morning! ;) Have a great week! :)

    Gimmie That Girl, my Honey Bee, She’s Everything – Bless The Broken Road because these Little Moments Felt Good On My Lips

  3. Just love your love song choices without the mention of "love" in the title for today's theme. These are all new-to-me. The diversity of your musical flare is captivating!

    Thanks for joining us on the virtual dance floor at Monday's Music Moves Me! Happy V'Day to you!

  4. Love that Bap Kennedy one! that just might be my new Jam for Valentines' Day.

    all 3 new to me, and they are all great!
    LOVE that about this meme.

  5. Very nice selections.
    Thank you for sharing.
    Do enjoy the rest of your week :)

  6. Oh I see you finally slid in! Way ta go ol' friend! So, what do we have here for me... oh well they're all new to me, but makin' me get up out of my chair & swiggle all over duh place! Especially the last one I feel like I wanna get up & do a belly dance for pity sakes! LOL That is if I could! LOL Thanks for sharing & joining us! HAPPY VALENTINES DAY!

  7. can't say as i've heard any of these. thanks for the intro some new music

  8. Thanks for introducing me to new songs I hadn't heard before.