Mellow Musical Monday - feeling sleepy

Winding down this Musical Monday night with some Ferraby Lionheart. Here's Pocketknife:

Wooeee - I am soooo behind on blogging. Been super busy trying to pull some projects together. Sharing a few sneak peeks here today. These steampunk undersea themed elements will come together soon for inclusion in a cabinet of curiosities.

starting a new 'tattooed' wooden hand

While I haven't been around here enough, I have been talking to myself over at twitter. You can find me at http://twitter.com/ArtsnarkTampa. If you leave me your handle, I'll check it out.

tearing apart innocent pocket watches to feed steampunk jellyfish

I caught this next Azure Ray tune, The Heart Has Its Reasons on Revenge the other night. I've been vegging out to old episodes this month - fun stuff! Someone in one of my book groups suggested this modern twist on The Count of Monte Cristo. You can stream season 1 on Netflix Instant, but watch out: it is addictive.

And this is my son's contribution to a mellow Monday night, The Brunswick Project's Lullaby For A Kitten Sleeping In A Cup. He's right - it is pretty cute.

Looking for some more tunes? Pop over to Xmas Dolly's and check out her weekly blog-hop. There is always a fun variety to choose from.

Well, I am off to bed. I really need to pull together my projects tomorrow - no more time to lose. Hope you are off to a wonderful week!

glow in the dark mermaid needs some armor

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  1. Ah yes, sometimes we get so busy tis hard to blog.
    Music helps though!
    So glad you joined us.

    Hope your pieces come together beautifully!

  2. Yes, indeed! I totally agree with Colette. Thanks for sharing all your goodies, and have a rockin' week!

  3. I enjoyed all of your selections today.
    I am really digging the steam punk stuff lately very cool.

  4. What mellow Monday selections! The Heart Has Its Reasons on Revenge has a lovely sound. We all understand about busy routines interfering with blogging. I haven't been around much in Blogosphere, either. My excuse is different than yours and I wish it was because I was simply busy, but instead I've been horrible ill. But, things are on the upswing and I'm back to doing what I love!

    Thanks for sharing & joining the 4M crew!

    The First Day of Summer and Silly Love Song seems right for 4M freebie picks!