Day 2 of 7 Days of Giveaways - Happy Hour

Welcome to Day 2 of the wonderful week of giveaways! 

(To enter day #1's random drawing for a $20 gift certificate to Artsnark.etsy.com click here).

Happy Hour
By the way, this image is entered in Twenty20's 'Pets' contest if you want to vote, click here. Please note, voting is not required to enter my random drawings and in no way affects your chances of winning.

My original plan was to share assorted artist photos and links from the recent Disney World Festival of the Masters today. Unfortunately time has gotten away from me, so that post will have to wait until the weekend. In the meantime, the prizes continue rolling out...

Day 218 New Growth

The second prize this week is Winner's Choice of one 5" photo print from my Instagram gallery. Most pictures you'll find there are from my ongoing Year In A Garden project with a smattering of other images. If desired, I'll mat your print as part of the prize.


You have until Tuesday 11/26 at 7 a.m. (EST) to enter this random drawing. For 1 entry, simply leave a comment on my blog. If your email is not in your profile, please leave that too so that I can easily contact you if you win.

Day 215 Begonias

To get a second entry, check out my photographs at Instagram.com/Artsnark then pop back here and tell me your favorite.

Day 151 Wet Feather

If you'd like a 3rd entry, share this post on your favorite social media platform and pop back to let me know where.

Day 171 Bromeliad

See? Easy peasy. This random drawing is open to everyone. 1 winner will be announced next Tues. 11/26 and the print ships free worldwide.

So, c'mon & enter. Tell your friends. Be sure to check out/enter the Day 1 random drawing too. 

And pop back tomorrow for prize #3. See you then!


  1. Wow- those begonias are gorgeous!
    Still on instagram, I'm digging "day 181 dirty shell".
    And I Tweeted: https://twitter.com/Pepin909/status/402962409553272832

  2. So cool! I love your instagrams!

  3. Nov 6 2013.... the color... light.... shadows.... gorgeous!

  4. You have lots of great pictures on Instagram but I think I like Day 151 Wet Feather on this page the best!

  5. Thanks for the giveaway! I am always drooling over your pics on Instagram! Latsyrc728@yahoo.com

  6. You have so many awesome pics that it would be hard to pic. I think I would go with this one though because it is gorgeous and reminds me of the Doctor Who weeping angels http://instagram.com/p/bM4vc3Cli8/

  7. I tweeted; https://twitter.com/Latsyrc728/status/403798763136745472

  8. How was I not already following you on Instagram? Where have I been? Mighty generous prize. Thank you.

  9. All of the pics are so great. I'm kinda surprised how drawn I am to "day 161 Mexican petunia" and "day 119 shooting into the sun / plumbago". I must be in a blue/purple kinda mood.

  10. Tweeted as well - www.twitter.com/gypsythreadco/status/404056038367715329

  11. If I had an indtagram, I would definitely follow you but I do not. However, your photos are very vibrant! Shaystrane@yahoo.com