New Year, New You: Trying Almased plus some random pics

Okay, I am running so random that RTT is happening on Wed. this week. Whoopsy! Bear with me...

Just before the New Year I received a free sample of Almased meal supplement powder, a cool blending bottle, misc. healthy eating paperwork and a fun photo-filled Southern Living outdoor cooking/lifestyle book from Almased and Southern Living Magazine.   I've seen Almased's ads in SL magazine for years and  have been curious (but skeptical) about the product, so when the opportunity to try it out arose, I jumped at it. Disclaimer: They sent these items to me at no cost, requested I try the product and share some photos on social media.

I have always had a bad habit of skipping meals when I'm busy. This was never a problem until 2012/2013 when I picked up a new bad habit of eating whatever I could grab for quick energy once the hunger pangs hit (usually around 3 pm). This tended to be something quick and carby, then when I'd crash again a couple of hours later I'd nibble on olives or cheese while preparing dinner. This & an increasingly sedentary ligestyle lead to a 20 lb weight gain - ugh.

So, I tried the suggested (minumim) 2 day "fast" where you replace 3 meals with Almased, drink lots of water, and supplement with vegetable broth. I've read about lots of folks losing double digits on the 14 day fast, but I'm more interested in being healthy (& realistic) than in quick weight loss. On day 3 I started substituting only one meal and an occasional snack with Almased. And making sure the other 2 meals are fairly healthy. I also started walking at least 30 minutes every day. I used to walk 1-2 hours a day foot trouble laid me up for a lot of 2013, which added to the weight gain.

After 9 days reaching for Almased when I know I don't have time for breakfast or lunch (and very light exercise), my energy level is much higher, I am sleeping better, and I'm not experiencing the crashing, binging and cravings that have been plaguing me the last six months.... and I've lost 5 lbs. If the weight loss continues that will be a huge plus. However, the "leveled out" feeling and higher energy levels are enough to keep Almased on my radar for a now. If anyone is curious, I'll add an update here from time to time.

Please Note: If you come around this blog for arts, crafts, DIY and random thoughts-  no worries! I'm just adding a bit more personal stuff into the random mix. 

Finally, eye candy time! The Year In A Garden (via iphone) project continues. Today I'm rolling into day 282. Here are a couple of close ups from last week. To see more visit http://Instagram.com/Artsnark.

Last bit of random today: I ordered some prints of my Instagram pics from Twenty20.com. These 8" sq images on 10" sq paper came out better than many prints I've received from others. I tested these pics specifically as I noticed many companies had trouble printing the bright purplish colors without them looking either washed out or over saturated. And the cat pic came back with too much green from a few companies but looks pretty dang close to what is on my screen from these guys. The only minus is the cost, which while very fair for retail is not so good for reselling on Etsy. 

We'll, I am calling it a night. Chores to do and the final chapters of a new thriller are calling. Thanks for popping by - hope you are having a fantastic week! 


  1. I have never heard of Almased, but I am glad that it has helped you lose weight and replace meals, instead of skipping!

  2. I'm definitely going to check into the Almased.... and... more importantly, lol.... I want, want, want that image on the lower left!!!!!!! :) Please let me know if you make it available!

  3. I have been enjoying your Instagram photos so much. The shots are just amazing! Do you use a micro setting for such detailed captures?