The unexpected math behind Van Gogh's "Starry Night" - Natalya St. Clair

Vincent van Gogh - Starry Night

My family and I recently visited NYC. It was a bit chilly to these old Florida bones and Starry Night was on my son's must-see list, so we warm our toes at the MoMA.  Like we wouldn't have gone there anyway, right?

Tonight I spotted this fun & informative (& short) TedEd video. (Thanks for sharing, Brettney from Wenchie Art.) Can't wait to show it to my young mathlete tomorrow.  Plus, it seems way too cool not to share here. Enjoy!


  1. How cool!! I was a math teacher until a few years ago. I would have totally shared this with my kiddos!

  2. Really interesting...thanks sweetie.

  3. That was super cool!! I love TedEd. :)

  4. That video is very interesting! Discussing the way our brains interpret colors reminds me of the recent web debate about What color is the dress?

    It was all based on color context and luminescence. Some people's brains were interpreting the photo as more illuminated and some as more shadowy.

    A few hundred years later and color context still matters!