Happy Anniversary Music Monday! Celebrating with Cole Porter and Myrkur

Seems like forever since I played along with XmasDolly's Monday Music Moves Me. I popped over to StacyUncorked when I had a minute, found out that today is the 5 year anniversary of this fun tune-filled blog hop and had to jump on the bandwagon.


Today's theme is a freebie, so here is what has been playing in my house this week. The Dude (now that he is going into jr high I'm not supposed to call him "Little Dude" anymore; mind you he is almost as tall as I am, so I get it) discovered Cole Porter through one of his post apocalyptic video games and was pleasantly surprised to find that his old Mom has a ton of "old people music" (his words, not mine) on these ancient things called CDs. He was even happier to find that the Amazon Prime music library has a ton of free Cole Porter, covered by just about everyone. 

The thing about Mr. Porter, he seriously gets under the skin. Listen to Anything Goes a few times and you WILL be humming it. Nothing like the classics.

To counteract the earworms (& simply because I'm hooked)  I've been listening to the prereleased tracks of Mykur's album coming out August 21. Not everyone's cup of tea, but I'm liking it much more than I expected. You can catch it early on Youtube (among other places).

I've read that she's coming from a pop music background. Quite a change. Here's a short where she talks about her music a bit:

So, what are you listening to lately? Please share. Join in the fun - looks like there are even giveaways this week, for some extra celebrations! 

---------------Side Note--------------

If you pop by here now and then, you may notice that I've been crazy inconsistent with blogging for a while. (For consistency and content, you'll want to time machine back a few years.) Now-a-days I'll chatter away in my nut... but then the clock ticks faster than expected... and life-stuff beckons. (How many cliche's can you lick before getting to the center?) The plan was to share 2 tutorials last week and a review....but life happened. I addition to the usual distractions, I'm consulting on an unexpected project that dropped into my lap. It is all very hush hush for a couple of months, but is super cool, out of my comfort zone... and I can't wait to share eventually!

That said, I probably won't be around this week but will return with those reviews and projects, as well as random thoughts (& tunes) before the month ends. It is also our 23rd wedding anniversary, so the family is hitting the road for a few days of fun before the school year starts again.

Hope you have a wonderful week and a creative day! And be sure to check out the Music Monday blog hop. Never know, you might be one of the lucky winners.


  1. Happy musicversary and thanks for sharing

  2. So great to see you pop up! :) I can totally relate with the inconsistencies of late compared to even a few years ago - there's been a shift...a life shift, really! :) Loved your song choices - those are new to me. Thanks for the introduction!

    I'll keep an eye out for ya - and Happy Anniversary! :)