An Arousal of the Mind...

I was pleasantly surprised to see the variety of definitions for Inspiration. My favorite is found on WordNet: "arousal of the mind to special unusual activity or creativity".

Lately it seems everything inspires & new ideas present themselves faster than I can get them down. Perhaps that is part of why I'm scribbling here today. Hopefully my lack of an audience won't prove too embarrassing...

I'm going to start this blog with a question for anybody out there: What inspires you??? Please share, you may be surprised by just how many great minds think alike

I'd like to give special thanks here to Annette from Nut and Bee, whose awesome octopus stamp inspired my title image. If you get a chance. check her site out. Her unique art is full of wonder & whimsy! You can also find her items on Etsy at NutandBee


  1. I am so excited, I am the first to post of your brand spankin new blog....Yippy for you. you will LOVE blogging. I will add you to my blogroll.
    Much luck~

  2. Lots of things inspire me, motherhood, nature, a trip through a great publication (Somerset, CPS)and great art friends, of which you are one!

  3. I agree, a lot inspires me. Colors, an unique line in a book or poem, an old photo, and of course the endless inspiration of all my art friends and blog friends, not to mention my family and friends IRL. :)

    Congrats on your new blog. Just write and post from your heart, the rest will come.

  4. Looks great!! I love the octopus!!

  5. hmmmm......what inspires me??? my children, vintage photos, old sewing notions, wonderful artists and friends....bright funky colors...those are just a few...

    welcome to blog land....it is a fun place :)

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  7. Hi Stacey cool blog,good for you
    I am inspired by lots of stuff......
    art,nature other artists yourself included, my family, really old odd stuff,books,jokes and funny comments
    It seems to be never ending.
    I look forward to seeing more blog posts.

    ps I made another comment but it vanished[it may still turn up!]
    cheers ,Barbara.

  8. Oops - sorry, Barbara. I accidentally removed your 1st post - still getting the hang of things ;)

  9. I can't wait to see your new creations, etc.

    Inspiration for me lately has been in the form of two books. Ordinary Sparkling Moments by Christine Mason Miller and Taking Flight: Inspiration & Techniques to Give Your Creative Spirit Wings. Both books are on the respective artists websites. :-) I'm carrying both of my copies everywhere with me. Writing in the margins, doodling...being inspired.

  10. Music flips my switch as well as staring at a blank canvas while my water colors are laying close by. Of course my friends and family inspire me to strive higher and higher toward that "ultimate" piece. And, of course, YOU, Stacey keep me dreaming and painting.
    Congrats on your blog. I need to do some posting on mine. It has become boring LOL
    xoxox, Cath

  11. It's great to see your words and your images online, accessible to far away places, like Ipswich, Massachusetts. What inspires me is the creative energy of other artists – the humming vibration of ideas growing as they are bounced off of other creative people. Also, single words can send me in a complete new direction. "Vintage" or "roaring" or "Mucha" and before you know it I am trying to make beautiful, elegant stamps in watercolor – emphasis on the word "trying!"

  12. What inspires me? Probably more than anything, the "aaahh" moment when someone suddenly understands in a way they different before. I got this a lot when I tutored, and I still get this a lot when I teach people how to play games.

    Other inspirations? The look in someone's eye, the clouds, the smells of the natural world, water, wind...

    Congrats on your first blog! And congrats to me, as this is the first blog I've ever subscribed to!

    Love & Hugs!


  13. Images inspire me! I see images everywhere I look in my eye viewfinder! In my younger years I had my own dark room so photography is a great inspiration to me as well! Stacy I added you to my blog friends list!

  14. What inspires me? My sister, the artSnark herself. She is the creative and thought provoking one these days and I love her for it!

  15. Way to go Stacey! I love the blog, and your title pics! God's creation, other amazing artist, looking in the eyes of my girls, and the three people in my family who battled bravely against cancer inspire me everyday! Looking forward to more of your thoughts and works. TTYL

  16. Congrats on your blog!! What inspires me? Hmmmmmm....poetry, music, nature. But most of all, I see an interesting bauble, shape or oddity and it will fill my mind with ideas and I just have to "find" a place for it. I go crazy in hardware stores and flea markets. So many things!! Wowzers!! I love it!!
    Enjoy blogging!!

  17. I'm so happy you decided to blog, I think you'll be great at it. You have so much to share. I lost my blog, don't know how it happened, I can still get to it from my bookmarks but it's not listed where anyone else can write in it. I didn't know what to use my blog as at first, informative, creative, family news, my causes, my art. Then I decided the format wasn't big enough to do all I wanted to do so I just let it go.
    I see so many that are great, like Gail Schmidt's, I love the contests she has and it's always fun to read.
    So your question, what inspires me. My mind is so full of things, it's always a matter of what I can get done and not loose interest in. More important would be "Why am I doing it" I don't sell yet but that's never been a good incentive for me. To create something beautiful, something I'm proud of, something that when I see it I know "That's it" and from day to day that changes. There are so many mediums that I still want to try and learn. So what inspires me, learning, that's what inspires me, learning something new, pushing myself to go beyond my comfort zone,I need to be challanged or I loose interest in it.Inspiration is learning something new for me.
    I'll check back with you often to see what your up to because your my friend and I care, even if all your writing about is what happened during your day.So blog ahead Stacy as long as your getting something out of it.