Sinner & Saint PIF giveaways


Cleaning up a bit today & unearthed this weird mixed media painting on papyrus from 2002. I was going to just toss it out when I thought why not post it as a Halloween PIF in my Etsy shop, ArtSnark.Etsy.com This is a true PIF. Completely free . I just ask that you "pay it forward" by some random act of kindness. There are a number sellers with PIF listings on Etsy, just type "PIF" into the item search box. Be aware though that not all are not truly free - some people list absurd shipping charges so look closely before "buying". There is some cool stuff up there. I just picked up a tutorial on wrapping beads.

Jumping ahead to December: Fellow ZNE member, Ewian, has a great giveaway to celebrate St.Lucia's day, Dec. 13. Basically you go to a blog & leave a nice comment. Then add the link to the post on her blog. She will draw the winner in November. You can the details here . This is such a cool way to spread your happy thoughts & favorite blogs! Check it out if you get a chance


  1. Very Halloweeny! Awesome.
    I have one set aside just for this week too.

  2. Hi, love that you PIF!!!
    Thank you for blogging about my give away!


  3. I really love this!! I have done several PIF's on Etsy and have made some fabulous friends. Your blog is so wonderful I am looking at all of your links! What a great way to spend the morning.