Jumpy Jester Goes Sky Diving

First a special thanks to Kathy Maximo for lending me her photo of the challenge kit as I deleted mine. See her finished piece on her blog here. Each participant got a manila envelope containing a small folded bit of corrugated cardboard plus all these lovely bits:The idea was to create something using all (or all but 2) of these elements. Use a substrate of your choosing plus your own paints or whatever. Each participant was also allowed to add 1 item of their own, if desired.

So here is Jumpy Jester

And his hot air balloon

Sorry the pic is such crap - it was too windy to shoot outside today.

Here's a few detail shots.

The balloon is "powered" by faux candle, my extra piece.

Balloon & basket are paper mache."Sandbags" are clear plastic chips.
The wire on edge of chips was removed to make the Jester's joints

Backside of jester is colored bingo sheet.
Anchor is altered puzzle piece.
The "pull" is cut from a King of clubs playing card

And here is the jester just hanging around.

There is also a large colored ring on top but you can't see it in these pics. Out of necessity, I used all of the items in the package. I also tested the rules & used the shipping envelope plus the little piece of included cardboard. These added some much needed structure. I took a lot of WIP photos. Thinking about posting a tutorial if anyone is interested.

Early next week, the Melange On Etsy Blog should have images of the other entries. I'll add a link so you can see all the fun creations. Melange members have a sneak peek in our yahoo photos. There are some very cool interpretations. Each piece is one of a kind & very creative

OFF TOPIC: Illustration Friday prompt is "fleeting". That describes my free time this weekend! Hope to post something but not sure if I'll find the chance. Please play along (such a fun word) or see what others have posted by clicking on the link.


  1. You deserve a huge Atta-girl! I love what you did with this challenge, you little smartie you!

  2. Stacey, you get the creativity award, no doubt. He is simply wonderful and the hot air balloon is just perfect He is whimsical and so much fun. I would say good job but that is really really obvious. Thanks for doing this challenge with the Melange team..

  3. I just love your challenge piece you are so creative.

  4. This is a wonderful piece!! Love the addition of the hot air balloon.
    What fun!!

  5. This is amazing! I don't know how you come up with this, so creative!!

  6. Beyond creative imagination! Love it Stacey, so tell us, did you process this idea over a series of hours, day, etc. or did this idea just pop in your head, like, bingo?!

  7. Stacey~ How do you do it? This is so creative! Just wonderful!!!


  8. These are really cool Stacey. What a cool challenge to take part in. I would like to join in on one of these in the future. Could I? How did you find out about it? Do you have them or someone you know?

  9. He is out of this world fun! So creative.