Mix It Up With Melange Challenge - FUN

Just got back into town after a long weekend of fun & sun to find this cheery prompt from the folks over at Melange On Etsy blog. This is a new mixed media group & each Wednesday they offer up a fresh word to stimulate the creative juices. To play along, simply add a comment HERE with a link to the FUN piece you have made.

This prompt reminded me of all the fun some lucky people are having in Pleasonton, California starting today. They are attending Convenzione ZNE through May 3rd and will be making lots of friends, memories & wonderful projects! (What is ZNE? It's an online gathering place for "mixed media & indie artists". To read more about my experiences with this creative community click HERE) Fabulous classes will be taught in a variety of media - click HERE for more info about the instructors and their artistic talents. There is also a Vendor Fair which is open to the public on Saturday & Sunday. Click HERE for more info & to get a coupon for $1 off the $3 general admission price.

To my fellow ZNE members: I know you are having a blast! Hope to see you next year !!

The Party Continues! Happy Birthday to The Duke!

NY declares April 29 Duke Ellington Day
NPR & others ride the 1939 A-Train with The Duke Ellington Orchestra
Now that sounds like fun!


  1. you're so right...the convenZioNE is bound to be tons of fun....would love to be there !! Your art is so much fun too...love the lively colors !!

  2. What a fun piece...I'm sure all those convenZioNE goers are having a fabulous time!

  3. Hi Stacy I love your colorful art too, and would love to be attending the convenZinNE too..maybe next year, have never been before. Now to get over to that blog and see what's cooking!!
    Happy you had time for some R&R...

  4. Glenda-TwoCoolTexans3:47 PM, April 29, 2009

    Stacey, what a great piece (as always). You know they are having fun at convention..without us...lol

  5. Stacey...your challenge piece is so original..convention bound Zners..know they will have loads to show and tell us!

  6. Very jealous of those attending that convention...send a few thou over here and I'll hop on the next plane! Great art piece...has a real fun vibe....and The Duke...have always loved his music..

  7. I love your challenge piece! Colorful and fun!

  8. Stacey, that is a great idea and what a happy piece. Wish I was there!!

  9. Great idea, I know the lucky ones going will have lots of fun.

  10. Very cool piece, Stacey. Perfectly depicts the playful, welcoming atmosphere at ZNE. Which reminds me, my membership needs renewal soon.
    Love your Ellington tribute.
    If you are a jazz lover, you should be here in New Orleans this weekend . . . Jazz Fest in full swing !!
    Thanks for your comment on my blog !!

  11. I love that fun collage of yours - so clever and full of colour.

  12. What a great prompt after your FUN weekend! I like what you did with it!

  13. That piece is super-cool and fun! I love the bird lady!

  14. What fun!
    Thanks for the font links!