Bit O Eye Candy Today

Been busy playing catch-up this week. Haven't had time to create anything new. Played around with some potential blog buttons but have not yet figured out how to make them easy for you to snag. If anybody has a simple how-to, I'd love the help. Have I mentioned what a neo-luddite I can be sometimes?

Lucky enough to be in a couple of great Etsy Treasuries this weekend. If you click on the pics by Monday, they'll take you to each treasury's page where you can click & comment. Or shop ;D

Mine is the little house portrait on bottom center. Many thanks to Etsy seller SantAngeloDesign!

You'll recognize the top right lady from 1st button. Special thanks to Artdecadence!

For some more eye candy, check out Totus Mel's Wunderkammer. You will find a fabulous selection of "the slightly odd, the darkly beautiful, the elegant and steamy pieces of goodness." A wonderful eclectic collection, from corsets to robots, art to airships. Well worth a visit


  1. How amazing to get that publicity Stacey! You soooo deserve it.

  2. The badges look good...both grahics lend themselves well to the buttons...I particularly like the whimsy of the octapus one...am headin over to check out this other artist that you recommended...hope your weekend is going well...

  3. I just wanted to pop in and thank you for leaving the craftopolis link on my blog- it's very handy! I knew about Featsy but that one doesn't seem to work as it didn't pick up the gift guide, but Craftopolis did- so thanks! Bookmarked that one like a flash.

    I think I can help you with your button problem in return. All people have to do is save the image to their computer and upload it via Photobucket or similar, then grab the html code that is provided and put that in the 'html/java' gadget in the blog customisation section (or however their particular blog host works). I can make more step by steps for you if that's not clear enough. :)

  4. Oh, I might add if they're on someone else's or a public computer and can't save images, they can right click and 'copy image location' then upload it in Photobucket's 'web url' section. :)

  5. I think that was easy!
    I just right-clicked and saved, chose Layout - add element (?) - picture, linked picture to your blog.

    Thank you for oohing and aaahing, that's something I often do when looking at your work :) :)

  6. Congrats on the two treasuries!

    The badges look great. I prefer the one with the red hair. It seems to draw you in.

  7. Congratulation! Doing a little happy dance for you...