Random Tuesday Thoughts - yet again

Welcome back to another round of RTT!
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In a bit of a rush tonight so I'll just toss a few at'cha:

Why is it that I remember dead artists' birthdays but forget about my nieces & nephews?

Happy Birthday, Rosetti!!

Little Dude acted in a commercial today. By "acting" I mean danced around like a total spaz! He had a blast. Got to frolic with 2 older girls on a white set in beach gear (He's 5 & they're around 10). I guess they may be adding some beach background later? I dunno. One of the ad people for a local chain of sports pubs "discovered" him. My child is a conceited little ham ( I mean this is the best possible way) and may have found his calling. The best part was when the kids were told to laugh & he let out these wild whoops. The director told him "that's great- very Jack The Ripper....now LOOK AT THE CAMERA!"

My sister always had the acting bug & DH used to be a movie extra. I'll blame it on them. I was always the weird kid hiding in the corner with my nose in a book.

Dang! Gotta get the little guy to bed. We're reading from the Andrew Lost books each night. Highly recommended for inquisitive little minds. Silly science & full of words like "poop" and bad elephant jokes, regardless of subject.

Remember this one: What is grey, has 4 legs & a trunk? A mouse on vacation! ba-da-dum

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I just peeked at my dashboard & saw that Annette of Nut & Bee just posted the coolest little piece, Tempura House

I'll totally admit that I'm biased. I own a dozen of her prints & she has kindly loaned me her awesome octopus for my blog banner. That admission aside, run,don't walk , over to her website or etsy shop for the cutest "ooh" inducing selection of little critters

You can find at least one more little critter over at the Un-Mom today ("ooh" or "ick" ...you decide). There's also new neighbors and other wacky entertainment.....go check it out!
The Un Mom


  1. I love that octopus on your banner! I have to go over to her website next!

    Very cool that your little guy was in a commercial. What a neat experience!

  2. Sounds like the little fellow has figured out his calling! How cool.

  3. My son is a bit of a ham too.

    Very cute story.

  4. Ick for the UnMom critter!! LOL
    Hugging you