MM x2 = Atarazzi #22 + Altered Ancestors

okay, I kinda stink at math but this isn't really about that.
it's just another Melding-Monday.

Both ask "What moves you today?" For obvious reasons, Mothers have been on my mind a lot lately. Both my Grandmother & Mother in Law passed away last spring. They've inspired several paintings that are still stuck in my head. Something about the latest Artarazzi challenge photo triggered one that I'd been thinking about for a while.

Started fiddling with something yesterday.

MariaPia (My husband's Mum) is on the left with 2 of her siblings.

Last night I dreamed Mercutio's Queen Mab soliloquy ...again.... yes, I am a dork. Had to memorize the blasted thing in high school & it's been haunting me ever since. Mind you I can't even remember my own cell phone number - bah!

So the faerie queen was rattling around in my nut while I played with the Artarazzi piece today. I was also trying to remember a Donovan tune from a million years ago (1971) called Queen Mab. Couldn't find a listen online but there's a teeny tiny snippet on Amazon (#27). For the curious, lyrics are here. I remember hearing this album a few times as a kid (Though where, I don't recall - all we had on vinyl in our house were Xmas carols, The Carpenters, John Denver & show tunes....seriously). Think I'd like to track down a copy but not willing to shell out a hundred bucks for nostalgia.

Where am I going with this?
I added this lovely lady from the Art Freebies blog

Then I tweaked some butterfly wings I had lying about.
And here's the final:

Somehow all the jumbly bits came together in this digital collage tentatively called Queen Mab's Children. To see more interpretations of the original challenge photo (or to play along) click here & then visit the Mr. Linky section on the upper right.

Tuesday Note: Came to grips with the fact that I probably won't get my Mother piece for the Melange challenge done in time, so submitted this one instead. Click here & go thru the comments to visit the other Melange entries. Also check the Melange Team blog Wednesday for this week's new Melange challenge prompt

Fri 29th note: Am I milking this post or what?! I just heard about inspiremethursday.com & they're talking about Altered Ancestors. This piece seems to fit. Click through & Go check 'em out. Or link your own creation. There's also lots of free stuff & giveaway links. Pretty cool place


  1. What a lovely tribute to your mother-in-law! You obviously liked her to treat her so well!
    :) I love it when people use their own vintage photos - it's very personal.

  2. I think it's amazing! Your mother-in-law will be thrilled!

  3. Sorry for you loss! It is always fun when challenges overlap, you made a sweet piece of art.


  4. That freebie lady photo is exquisite isn't it...she looks like royalty so Queen Mab is perfect...it's sad to lose loved ones and so poignant to see photos of them as children...so precious...ps I have visions of you waking up with chariot wheel marks across your forehead!

  5. I'm super tardy in responding to Monday's Muse posts...my apologies! Thank you for showing us the steps that went into producing this lovely lovely piece! It was a fantastic story :)

  6. Unbeleivable. I am completely at a loss for words, and that doesn't happen but every ten years. Just beautiful.

  7. Very lovely work of art. Beautiful composition and a lot of thought behind it.

  8. Digital stuff fascinates me but I'm too hands on and really cannot enjoy not touching the stuff and cutting and getting messes all over--But I always think the digital projects are beautiful and this is no exception!