Monday's Muse meets Musical Mondays

Oh, I had a dream
It seemed I stood alone
And the veil of all the years
Goes sinking from my eyes just like a stone
-from Nostradamus by Al Stewart

Sue's Girl Life size charcoal drawing

Reading some interesting blogs tonight & decided to get a head start on

Over at Moss Hill Studios JoAnna Pierotti is talking about Mothers. Leave a comment on her blog about your maternal influence - you could win a space in one of her online workshops.

The charcoal drawing above, Sue's Girl, was a gift for my mother several years ago. My Mom is an interesting woman. We've not always had the best relationship, but it has certainly never been dull. We are very different in many ways, but one thing we have in common is a strong belief in intuition and dream. I fear I'm sounding a bit flaky, so I'll leave it at that.

A visit to Joy To The Blog introduced me to Musical Mondays, a cool idea that starts over at Good Mourning Glory. GMG is also running a drawing for free music. Click on the button & check out the details.

Tonight's music has been background. Mostly Al Stewart's Rhymes in Rooms. One of my favorites is Nostradamus. Unfortunately the only versions I'm finding to share have dopey background stuff going on. So instead here's Clifton in the Rain


  1. Hello Sue's girl! That piece is tremendous.

  2. what a great piece! you have extreme talent!

    and any friend of Joy's is a friend of mine!!

    thanks for playing! see you next week...?

  3. That picture is awesome. TFS

  4. Beautiful!!! And thanks for the links. I visited Joanna's blog and it is tremendous!! I would love to take one of her workshops!
    Thanks hun

  5. Musical Monday's sounds fun! I'll have to pop on over and check it out.

  6. My computer's having a hissy fit so I'll have to check out the video later. Love the charcoal.

  7. Beautiful charcoal drawing. I haven't done one in years. But I loved working with it.

    Loved the song very catchy!

  8. I just love visiting your blog - it's a treat for the eyes. Lovely work, once again!

  9. That's a beautiful verse and seems to go so well with the drawing...like they should be together...take care and love to you...

  10. Wow, I am in awe of your ability! Welcome to MM! Thanks for playing! =)