Almost Random But Not Quite - RTT


After a weekend of play & no internet EEK! I'm catching up with some of my favorite blogs today. Since it's Random Tuesday Thoughts, figured I'd share a few:

I'm crazy about all the prints in the etsy shop, This Year's Girl. Visit January Wish & find out how you can win a print of Sparrow:

Special Thanks to Cephalopod Tea Party for pointing out the cool site Pouple Pulps. The gallery rocks & the links will keep me busy for a while!

Run, don't walk, to Vintage Paperbacks & Digests !

Anybody remember Doc Savage? Now don't make me feel old, people, just nod your head politely .....

If like me you are lusting after Little Robot's prints & toys, pop over to indiefixx & download a free Lindsey Carr piece while you read the interview. I may have mentioned this 1 before - memory's starting to go. Again, just nod your head at the crazy lady & maybe she wont bite

For you eloquent types, the insanely creative Tom Banwell is running a steampunk writing competition. If you're no wordsmith, go check out his blog & Etsy shop anyway. C'mon, take a few minutes ... it is well worth it, I promise!

Tom, Totus Mel and many other fabulous Etsy Steam Team members will be selling their wares at Maker Faire 2009 later this month. If you're in the Bay Area I am sooo jealous, make sure to mark your calendar!

Speaking of all things Steamy, I am totally digging this poster from ArtFreebies

One last note (again): Don't forget to enter this Thursday's Giveaway. Just leave a comment & you're in! For more details on this random drawing & prize read HERE

Now, Grab a button & go get random! Be sure to visit The Un Mom, high priestess of the cult of chaos, and see what wackiness is happening over there today

The Un Mom


  1. I love your random-ness!!!!

  2. I just love your random Tuesday thought...now I'm off to visit some of your links!

  3. You have an endless supply of site knowledge. Random, is awesome :)

    Linda a/k/a Mamapainter

    Psst! Don't forget, check out my blog for a Tips and TEchnique Contest!!! www.doorno2.blogspot.com

  4. I'm nodding my head politely but no, I don't remember. I'll try harder next time. ;)

  5. I still haven't been over to Etsy. I'm afraid I will spend too much money if I do...

  6. I do remember Doc Savage!! LOL!! So don't feel alone there!!

  7. My goodness! How on earth do you manage to find such cool shops?

  8. That was a great Poe quote, I like that alot!

  9. That was a great Poe Quote, I like that!