Yep, tootin' my own horn (again). Just so darn thrilled I have to share! Hopped over to ZNE in the wee hours to see what was new & found my latest experiment on the front page. I finally joined the book club there. We are reading Michael De Meng's book Secrets Of Rusty Things. Group members discuss chapters & create their own projects based upon each chapter. This funky flower vase is my interpretation of project# 1 ("Ameratsu - letting daylight out")To find out more about this piece and other ZNE book club projects click here .

ZNE is a gather place for "mixed media & indie artists". It's an amazing community of supportive creative people. There are so many different things going on: ATC swaps, photo challenges, book club, collaborative poetry (finished poems are here ), technique/art supply sharing, a convention , and much more.

Although it sounds corny, ZNE is more to me than a great place to hang out. It was the support of the talented artists I met there that lifted me out of a 5 year art-rut: In 2003 I stopped creating. Last February I joined the group & I started making Art Trading Cards to swap. I started small but now I've got more works in progress around me than I can count! I'm painting & drawing again and trying my hand at something new - jewelry. Through my involvement with ZNE, I've had a piece published in the art book Never Forgotten and participated in my 1st group show in 5 years. I found the confidence to open an Etsy shop & start blogging ( big deals for me as I am not computer savvy or comfortable putting myself "out there").

And I have made some great friends!

If you've read this far, thanks for your patience. I guess, I just want to say THANK YOU! to ZNE founder Chelise Stroud Hery & all of the wonderful people I have met at ZNE. Their patience & encouragement has turned my creative energies right around! Now I just have to find to time to do it all :)


  1. Congrats!!! I can so relate to all of the wonders ZNE brings. It reunited me with a long lost high school best friend, and I basically learned 'the ropes' about mixed media, blogging,etsy, and I'm continually inspired by all that goes on there. Your piece is wonderful and certainly deserves the spotlight!

  2. doin' the happy dance for you Stacey !! I have to agree with everything you said about ZNE..it is the amazing support and the network of talented artists that means the world to me :)

    And a very cool project that was showcased !! Congrats !

  3. Hey, your blog looks great! I'm so glad you are creating again! You are so incredibly talented! Congratulations on being in the book too!

    Thanks for checking out my blog and taking the survey, by the way!


  4. Congratulations on the great feature--your project looks great and it's so exciting that you are having such a great year, it really sounds like you found your 'tribe' and have reignited your artistic fire!

  5. Wow, what an honor !! Congratulations, Stacey !!! Fantastic piece. ZNE is indeed one cool place.
    (Love the title of your post, too.)
    Go celebrate.

  6. A much deserved honor, my friend.