There can be no understanding between the hands and the brain unless the heart acts as mediator

I am an old movie junkie. As far back I as I can recall I've been glued to the flickering black & white. (It was many years before we had a color TV). At an early age, the German Expressionist films infiltrated my thoughts & have never really left.
One that has stayed with me the longest is Fritz Lang's Metropolis. This post's title is the tagline from the classic film. I recently came across 2 vintage copper pins and immediately flashed back to the Art Deco look of the film & posters.
I've reinterpreted the classic look & added some swarovski crystals & watch parts to the first brooch. It's now available in my etsy shop .


  1. Hi there! Love your latest comment on my blog! Youre too funny! It's just amazing what you can find to buy on etsy isn't it?LOL Now other than on a tee shirt I think I'm "Sassyed" out~! (is that how you spell that?) Have a great week-end!

  2. The quote really hits home, thank you for sharing it!
    Love the work you do!

  3. absolutely love it, Stacey!!!

  4. Neat pins!

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