Seven Subways Behind

No, not the title for a new piece. It's a silly thing my husband says & it describes my life lately. Been in a bit of slump,behind on everything it seems. Took a few days with family to regroup. Came back to the same to do list but with renewed energy - YAY! Finishing a book group sculpture that was due on the 1st & tidying up stray projects that I'd lost interest in. Finally got around to adding some new ACEOs to my Etsy shop.
Read a great post by one of my favorite artists last week, Lindsey Carr of Little Robot. In a piece titled When the Grass is Always More Veridian she debates the issue of becoming a full time artist. This is something so many of us daydream about, I think. Her take is worth a read. As is the articulate follow up Thanks So Much. In fact, I can't recommend enough checking out her amazing & whimsical creations.

Still here? Shoo...go now! I'll wait hereAhh, you're back...

Thinking about how to manage work, family, domestic, art & other stuff a lot lately. Too much perhaps? Maybe 1 reason why I've been so unproductive lately? Had some interesting conversations on this topic recently. I've heard so many valid ideas & concerns, that I think I'll pop them into future posts here & there.

If you have anything to add, please share: What is your secret to keeping all of your balls in the air? How do you include time to create in your busy schedule?

Art At The Speed Of Life! I love this title of Pam Carriker's article in the July issue of Cloth Paper Scissors. A talented & prolific artist, Pam makes the time for painting, writing, marketing, family & life. She will also be teaching an online class in creative journaling in January. You can read more about her life & art on her website & blog. Her work is also available at The Bag Lady's Art on etsy. I'll warn you though, her art has taken off like wildfire lately & is selling fast!

From Pam's interview in the August '08 issue The Stampers' Sampler:
"TSS: What are your goals in life?
PC: To be my true self, and to go after my dreams."

She also shared this thought with me "I really think that is key. If you want to do something, go for it. A lot of times the only thing stopping you is yourself."

And on that note: Time to go get messy!!


  1. Aww, thanks for the shout out sweetie:-) We may not be able to do it all, all of the time, but we sure can do a lot of it!

  2. I struggle with the juggling act all the time, sometimes stressing myself out to the point of a migraine headache or worse--but in the end, what drives me is the desire to succeed and to learn, grow, develop and pursue my dreams that inspires me to keep up the juggling act until one day, this IS what I do for a living.

  3. Sometimes I find it very difficult to keep everything going at once, what with running a company that has 13 employees,doing family stuff and getting my art to fit in there somewhere is a real puzzle.
    Sometimes when I have not had time to be creative I get fed up ! so if I can only get a few minutes in each day I feel better.
    My art has taken off right now with lots of digital print sales but this means more time printing packaging and mailing.which again takes away from actual time to create.The only way I can do this is to write down an actual time plan for the day [I'm turning into my mom,bless her!}to make sure I get time in for what I really want to do...Art !!