PIF Givaway -Blue Angel on Papyrus

PIF Giveaway in my Etsy shop. Totally Free. Just click here. This piece is one of a kind so the first person to put it in their shopping cart gets it! It is totally free, just please Pay It Forward with a random act of kindess :D

Blue Angel is a mixed media piece on Papyrus. It measures approximately 6.5" x 8.5". It was not stored flat so the papyrus has curled like old parchment. However, it could be easily matted or glued flat.

I uncovered this odd little painting while cleaning up my studio tonight & thought it would make a good PIF. C'mon now, you know you want to spread some cheer!!

The top image is cropped. To view this piece in full click here.


  1. I hope you like to play tag. Please don't feel obliged but if you play, I've tagged you and you are it!

    Details on this post on my blog


  2. Stacey,
    What a beautiful piece! Had to go look at it full size.
    Check my blog when you get a moment. My new link to the art site for selling prints and canvas prints is up.