The Rogues' Gallery

Just re-listed a few pieces in my etsy shop . I've got a gang of shady characters lurking in the dark alleys of my mind ...but....been busy with life stuff so I haven't been putting my pencils to paper as much as I'd like. Itching to get started again. It's getting a little crowded in here ;D


  1. Ooo, these are some of my favorite pieces! I love that old man!

  2. Hi there~
    I wanted to come by and thank your for visiting my blog and wishing me a Happy day! Thanks for entering my giveaway and I do hope to visit with you soon.

  3. these are just wonderful! i might get a little scared if that guy was running around in my mind..glad you let him out:)

    thanks for coming to see me at my blog. i will see you soon.

  4. Don't let it get crowed in there!!!! : ) Love what your doing, can't wait to see what you create next!