Such Cool Stuff!!

I was lucky enough to be interviewed for the great blog Such Cool Stuff. You can read the interview here. I also recommend a stroll around the site ; it showcases a variety of arts, crafts & more mainstream finds.

To celebrate, I'm going to highlight some of My Favorite "Stuff":

The Very Fine Art of Papercutting. I am just blown away by the patience, skill & eye for detail required to complete a piece. 2 of my favorite papercutting artists are Joe Bagley and LaDonna Welter Click on their names to visit blogs. Joe's work is for sale at papercutsbyjoe on etsy. & La Donna sells at Primitive Folk Art Trinkets & Treasures . She will be opening an Etsy shop soon.

Fresh Bread!!

Art Trading Cards: Totally addictive to make & to swap. Basically it's art the size of a playing card (2.5 "x 3.5"). You can buy them as ACEOs (Art Card Editions & Originals) at places like Etsy & Ebay

Tin Toys. Antique, Vintage or New. I can not get enough of them. Of course junk shops & yard sales are the best. Some fun places online are Tintoyarcade and Fabtintoys

The wonderful world of ReadyMade. Book, Magazine, Blog. They've borrowed Marcel Duchamp's term for their DIY world. I highly recommend taking a peek

Scrapyards: If you've never been you are missing out. This is where cool stuff goes to die. Great prices plus readymade still lifes (for you photographers). Just make sure you've had your tetanus booster.

Renningers, Brimfield and all those other gigantic Antique Fairs / flea markets.

And Paper Paper Paper.....I am a confirmed paper-aholic. New, vintage, fancy, rubbish, hand made or mass produced. I can't get enough!!

I could just go on & on....

How about you share some of your Favorite Cool Stuff ! Holidays are coming.... I can pass it on to Santa ;D


  1. Oh thank you so much Stacey! Thank you for your kindness and generosity for mentioning my work!
    Thank you also, for your friendship.

  2. Hi Stacey, Thought I would chime in on my fav. stuff, vintage images, can't get enough of them! There is something about looking into the eyes of the past that facinates me. That's why I love incorperating them in my work. (as bubblegum as it is!) Have a great week-end friend.

  3. Lordy, your list made me drool !!

    You need to check out my blog. There is some info for you there . . . hint, hint.

    Take care.