Random Thoughts Tuesday

And another week goes flying by! Rushing through the random today. My son just told me that he volunteered to bring homemade cookies to his 1st grade class tomorrow...I suppose I could be annoyed but I always love an excuse to make cookies.

Do you get the Martha Stewart's cookie a day email? If not you are missing out! Sign up here. Today's recipe is for Cappucino Brownies. Does that count as a cookie? I don't know.... but they sound tasty. Won't be making them for the kiddies though - I like my kid's teacher too much to do that to her.
The Eyes Have It by Dava Shepherd
Still need business cards? Dava Shepherd is hosting a Uprinting business card giveaway on her blog, TreasuresFromHawaii.

How about some free vintage french music downloads? Stampingon (they publish the Somerset craft mags) sends out free downloads via email now & again.

Ready for Halloween? It has always been my absolutely favorite holiday! Of course back when dinosaurs roamed the earth, we had to make our own spooky decorations. I have the best memories of going to the fabric store with my mom each September & looking through all of the pattern books to find the perfect costume.  If you're into crafting for Halloween  Martha is (once again) the go to gal. You can also find some fun projects over at Instructables. What are your favorite Halloween project sites?

The Proportion Of A Man's Heart by Lorraine Reynolds
What'cha doing October 1st? If you are in Burlington, VT. be sure to stop by The S.P.A.C.E. Gallery  for spooky stories & the opening reception of The Art Of Horror. This group show includes work from one of my favorite Etsians, Lorraine Reynolds of Glimmering Prize. She also shares her projects over at her cool blog.

Oh & here is a fun faux-bleach stamp technique using embossing ink & powder & alcohol inks. Will have to try sometime.

Have to run. If you're looking for some more chaos, click button on the top to visit the Unmom. Make sure you leave her your linky if you get around to posting your own bit of  random tonight.


Oh, I almost forgot - leaving a comment enters you in the 10/14 random drawing for artist Myke Amend's "Spooky Steampunk Bag of Awesome". Click here for details & info on Myke's latest project, the multimedia collaborative event, Cirque Acirca.


  1. I do not get Martha's daily email! Sounds way too good to miss out on!

  2. thanks for the plug! i heart you beyond belief!!

  3. Great RTT!! I love Halloween and decorating for it is the best time of year for me...doesn't quite top Christmas...but a close second!!
    As for the cookies for the 1st grade class, last minute...I would have run to the bakery. Run I say...run!! Ha! Not into baking very much unless absolutely have too!
    So good on you for baking!!