Visit with Creative Etching & Enter to win a custom etched brass ruler

Hi there. How are you today?

Thanks for stopping by - excellent timing! I'm expecting a visit from Jerry Ringling of CreativeEtching.Etsy.com  in a few minutes. I met Jerry through the  Etsy SteamTeam  & fell for his fantastic etched metal ACEOs. They would make a really unique addition to any art trading card collection . (By the way, click on any of the captions for more info on each item)

Zeppelin Mooring to a Skyscraper, Mixed Metal ACEO by CreativeEtching
CreativeEtchings carries all sorts of fun metal works, including keychains, pins, 

Thor's Hammer Pendant & Earring Set from CreativeEtching
 jewelry, ornaments and even magic wands. 

Harry Potter Inspired Copper Wand by CreativeEtching

Jerry also offers framed etched artworks and custom pieces created using your photo or drawing. 

Custom Photo Etching On Brass Or Copper by CreativeEtching
I see Jerry that arrived while I've been rambling. I'll go get some refreshments while you guys chat.

JR: Everyone knows that you shouldn’t mix electricity and water… the results can be very bad. But what if you add a little chemistry, bits of brass, and odd snippets of history, scifi, and steampunk? You get an Etsy shop like CreativeEtching. I'm the guy behind the metal work. The artwork is provided by my wife, Georgia. 

Etched Copper Octopus ACEO by Creative Etching

JR: Working in my basement workshop, I uses an electrolytic process to etch images in copper, brass, and steel. It is an environmentally friendly process that transfers any image onto brass or copper plate. The plate I use is thick enough not to bend easily, but light enough to be used to create custom pins, charms, ornaments, keychains, or plaques. The plaques can stand alone or be placed in a standard picture frame.

Chesapeake Bay Skipjack Etched Art by CreativeEtching

JR: The final product is a durable piece of metal which has been etched, painted, polished and sealed to prevent scratching. I typically use black to create the contrast but any single color can be used. The resulting image often has an antique look, making this a great way to reproduce and preserve old black & white photos.

Janx Spirit Brass Keychain by CreativeEtching

JR: The text pieces are mostly quotes from some of my favorite books or movies.

Bladerunner Inspired Brass Keychain by CreativeEtching

JR: Like Stacey said, I also enjoy to making custom items such as pins, keychains, pendants, buttons, badges, and other oddities. 

JR: Not everything that comes out of the workshop makes it into the Etsy shop. Some of pieces can be seen in my Deviant Art gallery at www.creativeetching.deviantart.com.

JR: My newest etched idea is these 3 inch rulers

Custom Etched Photographic scale 2 or 3 inch by CreativeEtching

or a larger 6 inch ruler.

Custom Etched Photographic scale 6 inch by CreativeEtching

JR: These are perfect for placing in photographs to provide a visual scale while identifying the artist or advertising your store.

Custom Etched Photographic scale 2 or 3 inch by CreativeEtching

Thanks for stopping by today, Jerry! I've enjoyed getting to know a bit about about your art & techniques.

And guess what, guys.....CreativeEtchings is generously sponsoring the new Thursday Giveaway!

On 9/23 one lucky reader will win one of Jerry's custom etched brass rulers. The winner selects either a 3" or 6" ruler etched with text of their choosing (on either 1 or both sides of ruler).

Now how cool is that? Use the ruler for crafting or in your photos. Or maybe a unique calling card or gift.

To Enter: Simply leave a comment on this blog before 1 a.m. on 9/23. It is that easy. On 9/23 winner will be randomly selected using random.org.  (Just be sure to leave your email if it isn't already in your profile, so I can contact you if you win.) One entry per person. International entries are welcome. Prize ships free worldwide.

Thanks for dropping in & leaving a comment. It is your interest in these interviews & giveaways that keeps them coming. And the artists really enjoy the feedback.

Final note: There is still time to enter the 250 die cut business cards giveaway from Uprinting.com. That random drawing will be held on 9/18. Click here for details. 


  1. Those are some hardcore ACEOs!
    Interesting work and the rulers are very cute.

  2. Awesome work Jerry, I have always admired (ok, so I will admit, a little jealous too) people who get to work and create with metal.

    Stacey another great look at a fun creative process and meeting a new to me Artist :)

    Have a lovely evening, T. :)

  3. I have a couple of Jerry's ATC/ACEOs (an airship and a raven), and they're even better in person!

  4. Really cool etchings, I love them!!

  5. Wow, how cool is that!?!

  6. Love the etchings and the opportunity to get to know the artist. Wonderful work!!
    Great giveaway too!

  7. I really enjoyed seeing JR's work and reading about his process ... good feature.


  8. Those rulers are so cool, unique idea!

  9. This is such interesting stuff! I LOVE that wand! So cool!

  10. I like every new idea - and these rulers are for me just lovely decorative pieces. I would put it to my cupboard together with my other treasuries.:-)
    lubaska dot k at gmail dot com

  11. Love the etchings and the designs! The rulers are such a good idea for photographs. Super interview, Stacey, and thanks for the giveaway!

  12. I fell in love with Jerry's metal etchings when I saw him on an art swap forum. I never had the opportunity to trade with him, but I still cross my fingers that one day it will happen.
    Incredible work, and so unique!


  13. I really like your work and ideas. Is the process you use similar as the one used in etchings that are printed on paper? I've done some of those and enjoyed it. Here is my address on etsy if you're interested:


  14. Thanks to everyone for the great comments! Anyone that would like to trade an ATC, I have a section on my DA page with some cards that are available, or drop me an email and I'll make something new... I LOVE the barter system...

    I have tried to get an imprint on paper from an etching but didn't have the right ink... just another thing to try when I have time...

  15. Artsnark, thank you for sharing Jerry's work. Love the ACEO original etching.

    PS-found you via the Vast Team

  16. Loveley prize and artist! Thanks for offering this unique item.

  17. Aloha from Kauai...

    What a gr8 idea re: the etched ruler give-away - many of us need to show dimensions/measurements in our listing photos - Thx for thinking of this! :D

    Jerry - your work is so unique, I had a good time perusing your shop...Amazing!

    God bless! Dava

  18. I had to pop over from giveawayblogs.com after you great comments on Princess Emma.
    Thanks again.
    Now for you.....doesn't your talent amaze you? Well it does amaze me. I would need the ruler just to draw a straight line. Of course if it said Crazed Mind (my blog) then it would have to be slightly BENT. LOL

  19. What a cool idea. I would love to win. Thank you!

  20. What beautiful work! Very original and unique. I'd love to enter the drawing.

  21. These are fabulous! I would love to be included in the draw. Great work!

  22. your work is FABULOUS!!!!
    Want one!!

  23. awesome pieces..

  24. Crazy ACEO's by CreativeEtching! I didn't know you could do that with ACEO's. Super creative! The hammer earings are sweet too :)

  25. Wow your work is so amazing! Very inspiring! What a cool giveaway, I'd love to win, I always need a good ruler!

  26. This is all just stunning work! My daughter is very into photography and would love something like this for showing of size of the smaller things she takes photos of (she is nine LOL) She is getting a camera for Christmas and we are getting her as much loot as we can to go with it, this would be great!
    tracyschultz AT yahoo DOT com

  27. I love these :) Thanks for the chance at such a great giveaway :)

  28. I would love to give this cool ruler to my husband!
    jhbalvin at gmail dot com

  29. I would love to have one of your pieces!!