ArtSnark on Artfire finally opened + Tampa Portrait show


How have you been? Life has been keeping me away from the computer lately (nice change to be honest). I did manage to put a few items in the ArtSnark Artfire shop. Don't have much time to promote (or create) art lately but decided to move the eggs into a few new baskets. ArtSnark.Etsy.com is still open.

I hope to reopen ColorTheSky.Etsy.com this week. There are a bunch of Christmas/winter themed stickers, stamps & other supplies I keep meaning to destash.

Have to get moving - dropping off some Steampunk portraits for a local group show this afternoon, including the whimsical Wenchie & a few others from my ongoing Rogues Gallery series.

"Trust Me" portrait of Wenchie

I hope everyone is enjoying the weekend. If you haven't yet entered the new random drawing for a Black Baroque art print, leave a comment & you're in. Click here for details + an interview with the sponsor, artist Alexandra Wolf. 


  1. Hello, hello! I started an artfire shop too but no business there so far and I keep forgetting I have it! :-o

    I had my big opening in Stockholm yesterday and it was incredible. Great location and so many visitors.

  2. Your new store is looking great! Good luck!

  3. I'm going to go check our your new site now!

  4. I pulled my stuff off of Artfire as I just wasn't selling there. But ETSY is doing well so far. Need to get some babies listed there this week!
    Hugs to you

  5. Yes, so glad you are back! Love your art..

  6. wow I'm amazed by your works! congrats!!!

  7. Congrats on the art fire opening. I'm with Maria I completely forget I have an artfire shop and whats more, I completely lost my password. I just can't keep up with it all. :)

    Love the vividness of the colours on your Wenchie :)

    Have a lovely day, T. :)