You should answer Seth Apter's Call to Artists

Hey there. How are you today? 

Today's featured artist had a sudden change of plans &, silly me, I don't have the back-up schedule going yet. But I do have a two part post I'd like to share with you. 

Part 1 is an exciting call for entries from one of my favorite artists & bloggers, Seth Apter.

Soteria by Seth Apter
Seth creates amazing assemblages, altered books & other mixed media pieces. His art is often filled with striking colors, textures and something almost primeval. Check some of it out at TheAlteredPage.etsy.com. You can also view Seth's creations in various galleries, as well as a number of books and magazines. Find links to these venues & publications on his fantastic blog, TheAlteredPage.blogspot.com. (By the way, all images in this post are courtesy of Seth Apter. Click on the captions for more details.)

Finders Keepers by Seth Apter
The Altered Page blog is one of my top 10 favorite places on the web. There is always something artsy & exciting going on over there. You never know what you might will find, but you know it will be good! Perhaps you'll enjoy updates on a collaborative disintegration project, or gorgeous photographs of Prague.  Or maybe some intriguing work-in-progress shots which leave you wanting more. 

Elemental lll by Seth Apter
One of my favorite regular features is the ongoing series, The Pulse. Seth presents questions to artists and then shares their replies in a succession of posts. These artists have responded with book reviews, favorite materials, samples of their work, studio photos & other intriguing answers. You can find links to these posts on the right side of his blog.

from the TheAlteredPage.Blogspot.com
And now is your chance to play along! The Pulse is now going to be published as a book. Seth has put out a Call for Entries. There are two opportunities, one is a series of thought provoking questions & the other is a call for artwork. But the deadlines are right around the corner, so don't wait.  Click Here to read all about the new book and how you might be a part of it.

Now git! But be sure to pop back here later for Part 2 of today's post, the new Thursday Giveaway. I have to go feed some hungry boys, but I'll be back in few hours with the new prize & contest rules.


  1. I will stop back!! Thanks for the heads up on Seth's call for entries.

  2. Thank you so much for all your very generous words here Stacey. I really appreciate you getting the word out of the open call for the book. Many thanks!

  3. Thanks for bringing it to our attention.