Art, recipes & other ramblings today

Hey all! What'cha been up to lately?

It has been a non-bloggity, non-artsy month so far around here. Day job & other real life stuff taking precedence. My non-creating crankies haven't kicked in yet, but I'll need to get dabbling soon. In the meantime I am loving this piece by one of my favorite collage artists, Nancy Lefko:

Surrender by Nancy Lefko

Which reminds me- the new IllustrationFriday.com prompt is "Surrender". What fun, eh? You've still got a few days to add your piece or see what others have been inspired to create.

A couple of other fun prompts for January have been Mixed Media Monday/monthly's Size Matters (okay okay, you caught me snickering) & MelangeOnEtsy's Begining. By the way, you don't have to belong to Melange to play along. If you have a mixed media piece that fits just add a link to it in the challenge comments.

So, this month I've kept an eye on things while the husband & staff went to Hong Kong. Yep, I was a bit jealous but had a "when the cat's away" mentality. Unfortunately the business has grown too much & the mouse didn't get to play much.

But - I did manage to fix some busted nesting tables. Haven't used my tools in so long (& studio is still a mess) so made do with packing tape instead of clamps. Works surprisingly well.

Much to my families pleasure I've been cooking more lately. I used love to experiment in the kitchen but had less time in 2010. Too busy blogging - haha! The Pioneer Woman's Crash Hot Potatoes were a big hit as were adaptations of Martha Stewart's Roasted Egglant, zucchini & chickpeas  & Food.com's Broiled Steelhead trout with rosemary. I also had a tasty tini-variant at Mitchell's Fish Market (after a shhh-Mommy-needs-a-cocktail kind of day) last week and look forward to duplicating it once I track down some Soho Lychee Liquor.

So..... that is my story & I'm sticking to it. Just a basic month of domestic bliss.  However, I did manage to finally pick up supplies for the online De Meng class that started 2 weeks ago. And while out supplies shopping I ran into artist  BK Lyons.

Oriental Poppies (a painting on 15 canvases) by BK Lyons

We both belonged to a local art group 8 + yrs ago (wow - time has been flying!). Bk used to be into  creating murals & cool mosaic looking drawings/paintings back then. Now she is making what she calls more "Florida-style art" - lots of birds, sea creatures, flowers, & bright cheery colors. She has a new website up BKLyons.com & will be stocking her etsy shop soon. I'm trying to talk her into popping by for an interview or studio tour one of these days.

Have to run. That's all I've got for today.... 

Love ACEO by Sammie Flame

But - Oh Hey! If you haven't entered Sammie Flame's ACEO giveaway..... why the heck not!? On Thursday I pick one random winner from those who've left a comment on my blog over the past 2 weeks. To enter just leave a comment now - easy peasy! The lucky winner gets to choose between this  original art card or $5 credit at the artist's online shop RawkMama.Etsy.com.

Ok, I'm really leaving this time. Hope you are all off to a frabjous week!


  1. Thanks for either introducing me to new artists or inspiring me in some way every time I pop by. It is greatly appreciated.

  2. I just clicked over to Pioneer Woman, and those crash potatoes look AWESOME! I'm going to have to try making them -- they look pretty easy to make. I love those poppies, too. Is that a wooden frame she made for that piece? I love it!

  3. Thank you both for popping by :D Ginny, those are individual canvases laid out with a bit of space between - like a cool artsy puzzle. I'm going to pop in to the text & point that out. Thanks for the question

  4. Hey Stacey, thanks for featuring my collage. I enjoyed reading about your recent escapades in the kitchen :) Always fun to visit your blog !!

  5. great art pieces....Nancy was saucy this time, oo`la`la