Studio Tour #32 - Visit with Sammie Flame of RawkMama.Etsy.com

Keeping Faith by Sammie D. Flame

Got your traveling coat on? Today we are off to Arizona for a visit with RawkMama.


Also known as artist (& fellow Etsy's Melange Team member) Sammie Flame. She recently moved to a new house and has kindly agreed to show us around her expanded creative space. (By the way, please forgive any weird spacing - blogspot is acting up again today). Ready? Here we go...

SF: Here is a picture of my old "living room" studio. My old space was a 4X10 ft. space located behind my couch in the living room! 

Sammie's old art space

SF: I moved into my new studio four months ago. This new space is a 9.5 X 14 ft. room, actually built as a studio! it has a lot of natural light & is part of my new house. It has taken a lot of time and thinking, adjusting to this new space... trying to figure out something that works for me is hard, but it is coming along finally!


SF: Entering the studio through inside door.  This connects the studio to the family room. Now, going counterclockwise through room:

SF: This corner showcases artwork by Stacey Merrill (ArtSnark.Etsy.com) & Trine Stasica (ManicAttackArt.Etsy.com).

SF: Shelves that house (from the top down) - paintings, envelopes galore, and drawers & drawers of patterned papers & vintage maps.

SF: The outside door leads to the back yard (super handy)! The artwork on the wall is by Kim Geiser (PersimmonsGal.Etsy.com) I made the garland/banners over each of the windows - I needed some color & "me" in there! The file cabinet is a yard sale find which I painted.

My messy art table

 and my drafting desk.

 Me, by the art table.

SF: Special things on my art table: my dad's vintage Kodak camera, a clay head that I sculpted when I was 19, and various jars/pencil holders from friends.

Art journal pages in progress.

SF: Some outlet covers in progress. The outlet covers were made for the studio, but I do list them in the shop at random times.

Hey, Sammie, thanks for the tour! Enjoy your new found elbow room  - I can't wait to see what colorful creations you come up with next!

And thank you to all who came along for the ride today. Want to find out more about this artist? Pop back soon (probably next Thursday) for a chat with Sammie.  (ADDED 1/20: Sammie's interview is now posted at this link)

In the meantime, be sure to visit her online Shop RawkMama.etsy.com where she sells her artwork as well as paper supplies.

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  1. Thanks for the tour, Sammie and Stacey! Your smaller space doesn't appear to have held you back artistically, Sammie, but I'm sure it's a real treat to be working in a bigger space!

  2. Two of my favorite peeps, you and Sammie.
    Sammie, I am so jealous of your new room, awesome light. So good to see a part of your home...
    Thanks Stacey for a great peek into Sammie's studio.

  3. What a wonderful tour of your creative space Sammie!!! I love it!
    Looks like my studio space...full of creativity in process!!
    And congrats on your new space...that is awesome...the light is fantastic!!
    Thanks Stacey!!

  4. Great feature. I look forward to reading the interview. I saved a link to her shop for her supplies ... wonderful papers there. I need to start a collection.

  5. Great tour Stacey! I love seeing all the great projects underway. It must be so nice to be able to spread out, Sammie!

  6. thanks for the tour it was fun and interesting as always my friend.
    Also if you pop by my blog today, i have a freebie background, you may want to use sometime. its only there for a day then will be gone so thought i would let you know
    have a great week
    hugs June xxx