Drum roll please - we have a winner!

Today is the day random.org picked the winner of the Novica.com $50 e-gift certificate.


WooHoo! Congrats Karen! I will contact you with instructions for claiming this awesome prize.

Many thanks to all who took the time to leave a comment. It is your interest in these giveaways that keeps them coming. The next random drawing will be announce here in 1 week (March 1st). If you feel lucky be sure to pop back and take your chances.  Till then, I'll be sharing bits-o-art and random thoughts. 

Silver Cocktail Ring "Fascination"  by Adrian Miranda

An update on one of the Novica Artisans whose micro loan I contributed to:  Enough people pitched in and Peruvian jewelry designer/silversmith Adrian Miranda is now fully funded. He will use his $350 micro-loan to purchase necessary tools and supplies. In about 6 months he will repay the loan, freeing up my $25 contribution so I can then aid another craftsperson build their small business.  To see some of Adrian's work, click here.

Want to know more about Novica.com's global micro-loan program? Click here to visit my 2/7 post


  1. That is super news about Adrian!!
    And I just want to add that I hate the new word verification thingy. Just saying!!!!

  2. You have so many great things going on here I am dizzy from paging down and reading. Love the illustration friday image....and the I love yous were awesome.

  3. SueAnn, I hear you. I don't like the new word verification either. I may try going with out it soon. (Problem is I get a lot of auto-bot spam comments without it)