He's Epic! Sharing the Luck

Little Dude's dad always marvels at how lucky the kid is. His latest win was a random drawing at the grocery store for a free 10" cookie. When the bakery called and asked what he wanted for decorations, the Dude requested frosting balloons & "I'm Epic!" in pink icing.

Claiming his prize & getting a picture taken with the store manager.

Time for snack!

...and now he's just "Ep"

After calling some friends to help make dent in this ginormous prize, the Dude asked me to post his big win to my blog "and make him famous." So, here we are!

Are you feeling lucky? You've got a few more hours to leave a comment here & enter Thursday's random drawing for some art prints. Just comment before 1 a.m. (EST) on 2/2 to enter. To see prints & details, click here.

And if you're into antique photos & other vintage papers, hop over to The Queen Be & enter her 2/6 random drawing.


  1. oh that's just precious! give epic a high five from me!

  2. Congrats Mr. Epic! Loved your design on the cookie too!!

  3. What a fun cake! And how fun that Little Dude won!

  4. Gratulerer! (= congratulation)Fun to see your family. What joy it must have been. I see he has your kind of humour :)