Abandoned Art in the Conch Republic

PennyFarthing Dream ACEO (abandoned)

2 days into my 7 day spree of art abandonment: This ACEO was left at The Conch Republic Grill today, North Redington Beach, Fla.

What the heck am I talking about? Click here to read yesterday's post about this fun free-art free for all.

Will be leaving 5 more pieces around the gulf coast beaches this week - if you are in the area, keep your eyes open!

Change of topic - the PrintRunner 250 custom printed sticker random drawing happens here  on 6/25. Very low # of entries so far... so great odds! To enter (if 18+ and living in the USA) just leave a comment on my blog before then. Be sure to leave an email adress if it isn't in your profile. If you'd like details, click here.

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