Blustery Day ACEO left on a very blustery day

(abandoned) ACEO at bus stop 
Today the wind snatched this ACEO out of my grasp & sent it into a shrub down the street. Seemed appropriate for an art trading card titled "a blustery day". I decided to pull it from the leaves & abandoned it at trolley stop 3100 in Indian Shores, Florida (across from the public beach access). 

The Art Abandonment project is now up to over 3,100 members & growing! It also has a typepad page which explains the details. Would like an invite to the FaceBook group where you can (1) share photos & addresses of art that you have abandoned +/or (2) see if any addresses are near you & scoop up some great stuff? If so, pop me a message & I'll send you one.

If you are on the gulf beaches this week, keep looking around - I'll be dropping off a few more pieces over the next few days


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  1. I'm in for the drawing - what a generous offer:O)