2 Calls for Art inspired by quotations

Do you have favorite quotes that inspire you? 
It is time to share them with the world!

I just love a good line ( both text & image). 

So, I will be submitting pieces to 2 exciting Art Challenges. Both are seeking quotation-themed art. Want to play along?  C'mon - it will be fun! You get to make cool stuff .... and you might even get published.

The first is from Interweave / Cloth Paper Scissors and is due ASAP

They are seeking a 7"x 5" journal page decorated with your choice of quotation and your art. All work submitted becomes property of CPS and"... will be bound into a collective edition that will travel to trade shows and retreats when possible." This collection will also be available as a downloadable PDF through the new e-magazine Art Journaling Exposed. Additionally, some pages will be featured in an upcoming edition of that eMag. 

But you have to have your page in their office by January 14 so hop to it! Click here for all the details, including where to ship your masterpiece.

courtesy of Lesley Riley

Now relax a moment - you have a bit more time for this 2nd art call

Lesley Riley is collecting inspirational phrases and original artwork for a new book (to be published later this year). Want to play? 

First email Lesley your contact info, adding a motivational quotation or two, if you want. She will then "... send everyone who responds to this Call for Art two quotes I have selected for you, ones that I hope will inspire and inform the art you would like to submit to be considered for the final, published book."

Once Lesley responds, you have until February 21st to submit the pieces you've created, based upon your favorite(s) from the approved quotes. There is no guarantee of acceptance, but why not take a chance? It is free (unlike many calls for art), fun to do, and might even get your work out to lots of  folks who haven't heard of you yet! Click here for all of the juicy details, including where to send your email and art.

Excited yet?  I sure am.... aaaand I'm running behind today. Time to get crackin'.

Wishing you creative day!


  1. Nice- I posted a link to your blog on the TBEC Etsy Team page.

  2. I love good quotes to live by. They inspire me daily.