Musical Monday - Box of Rain

too little too late

Just lovin' the new Musical Monday prompt from Xmas Dolly - "music based on the 4 elements." Sorry I have to do a post & run ( lots o' family & art deadline obligations tonight) but thought I'd share this digi-piece from a couple of years ago along with one of my favorite Grateful Dead tunes. 

On the aside, this one always makes me think of my beloved Nana... which is odd 'cuz she never listened to this music. But every time I hear it I get all teary & think of her.

Well, back to work for me. If you want to hear more tunes or leave musical suggestions your own, be sure to visit Xmas Dolly & join the latest hop.


All you MM players, I'll be popping by on my coffee breaks tomorrow to enjoy your contributions.


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  1. Oh wow, blast from the past for sure!!! We have a good friend that has a cover band of the Grateful Dead. They call themselves the Dead Guise! lol Thanks for joining us. Love this tune. YOU SO ROCK MY FRIEND! Hope you can play along next week too! Have a musiclicious week.

  2. That is a song from the past. Hope all is well?

  3. Cool digi-artwork & music to accompany the piece! Thanks for making time to join us on the virtual dance floor at Monday's Music Moves Me, my friend!

  4. That digi-art is amazing! And perfect accompaniment to the song! :) Isn't that funny how certain songs instill specific memories - even if the person it instills memories of never listed to that certain song? :) Have a great week! :)

    Blown Away: a Tornado creates an Eternal Flame Mother Earth won’t douse with Water

  5. Pretty cool artwork!!

    Thank you for sharing with us :)


  6. Thanks for sharing hon...I can't seem to get in touch with you thru CS...I have your ATC Bird Card finished but need your address...Bevie Sams