Abandoning Art at the library today

Poe's Muse digital collage ACEO

Catching up on abandoning art today - the Dude helped me leave this one at the Jan Platt Library in Tampa, FL this afternoon. He had fun standing guard at the end of the aisle. And then he kept sneaking back over to see if it was still there when he was supposed to be checking out books for a school project... he had so much fun, I think I have found an accomplice!

In January I posted that I want to abandon at least 1 piece a month.... and then my plans fell off the radar - oops. I'll share a belated February piece soon.

It is great fun to leave something you've made behind for others to find. Ideally it speaks to just the right person or maybe just makes someone smile. I'm sure pieces end up tossed out, rained on and otherwise neglected... But playing with Fate is part of the fun too. Getting too attached to something you've created is not productive. This can be a wonderful lesson in letting go.

If you missed my earlier posts n this topic, last summer I joined a group on facebook started by artist Michael DeMeng which encourages artists to leave works behind for others to find. Participants then share their abandonments on the group page. There are also free printable tags and explanations available for attaching to your artwork.

To find out more about this project, visit DeMeng's page which also includes a video where he explains the concept and how to play along


  1. I love the idea of abandoned art! I know lots of artists in Downtown St. Pete participate in Free Art Friday and leave some of their art along sidewalks for passersby to pick up and take home. I know I'd love to find this piece at my library! Hope you keep it up!

  2. This is awesome!! I am sure that it makes someone's day...I know it would mine. Very cool. It has to be fun hiding them too.

  3. What fun...and I love Michael's work!

  4. I'm up for this challenge...and learning to letting go. Thanks this never would have dawned on me, what a fun project.

  5. OH gosh how neat! What a cool concept to leave your artwork behind. Now I need to go hunt and find one your pieces. :) It's a cool thing to do to make someone smile and make their day by leaving artwork behind.

  6. I just love where you picked to leave this. =)