Musical Monday:Nude Night Recap with extra sauce

I wrote the wittiest posts in my head this weekend (with wickedly tacky titles)... but as I've been on the go go go, none of them ever made it to keyboard. Maybe I am just getting really old, but it seems like weekend activities are feast or famine lately - is it the same for you?

feathered 'lizard' performer at Nute Nite Tampa

I will not tell a lie - Nude Nite was a blast! I am already looking forward to next year. Some of the extra tickets I received went unused - maybe I should offer them up on the blog in 2014 (assuming I get in again). Any thoughts?

body painting

DH & I attended night 2 of this three night arty-party. We arrived early and had a grand time talking with the other artists and performers while soaking in the like-minded let's-not-take-ourselves -too-seriously vibe

satyr & nymph
( I missed the artist's name on the super realistic painting behind the models)

As the night went on, it got harder to see the art and live acts through the crowd.... but then the people watching became the real event!

pole dancers & an audience member I nicknamed Dr. Jekyll

Chicken sh*# that I am, it was a big deal to enter a show after 10 years under a rock. Ready to shift into sales mode, you can magine my surprise ....okay, now imagine it bigger.... when I found out that my two pieces sold in the first 20 minutes of opening night. 

guess who

I've had a few folks tell me that means my prices are too low. I don't care. I am happier to sell at a "low" price than bring something back home at a higher one.

So, here we are .... Sunday night, and I am too tired to be clever. I'll just share some family friendly pics from the event since you might be at work.

Avengers Assembly by Robert Monnerat

Saturday afternoon was spent suckin' sauce and knowledge from Daniel Blood, master certified barbecue judge for the Kansas City Barbeque Society. 

Woohee! That was a belly busting and brain filling experience. I will admit I am crazy about good BBQ - which is why you'll never see me walking around  Nude Nite in just a bunch of feathers !

Sunday was all about the time travel. We went back to the late 1800's for the Victorian Picnic in the Park at the Henry Plant Museum. Buckets of fun, old school style: lots of tiddlywinks, badminton, chess (+ anything else that required no batteries or internet).

Tampa Bay Steampunk Society at the H.B.Plant Victorian Picnic
If you've made it this far - many thanks. I am dog tired & probably babbling at this point. If you are looking for a Musical Monday pick me up be sure to pop over to Xmas Dolly's - lots of fantastic stuff over there. This week's theme is "music that tells a story of your life" .

We could be here all day listening to my auditory biography... and still be left scratching our heads (or yawning). So I'm just sharing a couple of tunes today. If you visit Miss Dolly be sure to add your own  musical inspirations to wake everyone up this week.

If you're a Monday morning sleepy-head like me you might like this bit-o-noise from Unkle, Morning Rage:


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  1. Loved all of your musical choices.
    Yea for getting those paintings sold.
    I would have loved going to that!

  2. Good set of tracks

    Loved this Saturday afternoon was spent suckin' sauce and knowledge from Daniel Blood, LOL

    That Victorian picnic looked fun

    Have a fantabulosa week :-)

  3. That body paint stuff is so wild. A freebie copy of the swimsuit issue of SI arrived in our mailbox and they used body paint on the models. I was like, "They don't have swimsuits on? Really?" It's kindda hard to tell without close inspection. That's really crazy! Oh yeah, the Victorian picnic looks like a blast. How fun that must have been! I enjoyed your musical tunes for today's theme. It was great to have you dancing with us on Monday's Music Moves Me!

  4. Congrats on the sales!!!!!And what a fun weekend!!! Wish I could have come along!!

  5. OMGoodness, I love that Avengers Assembly one!

  6. Awesome that you sold some pieces! I love the Avenges pictures. My boys are all avengers right now.

  7. These are all new to me! Interesting I must say! Thanks for joining us! Have a rockin' week!

  8. Congrats on selling both pieces so quickly! Says something about the art ;) All of these events seem so interesting and out of the ordinary to me- especially the "time travel" back to the 1800's. All very cool though!

  9. What a brilliant story. All songs new to me, but make sure you have a brilliant Music Monday x

  10. Sounds like an awesome weekend and congrats on the sales - not surprising they were both excellent pieces. Glad you got to the picnic. Have a fantastic week

  11. ***applause*** for sales. I have a friend who went. I didn't make it. Take care.

  12. Boy did you have a fun weekend!
    I'd be too tired to be witty too.

    Glad you had paintings sold and I agree on your take on the price!

    Thanks for rocking with us!