Dude & I enter the FMoPA Members Show 2013


Almost 2 weeks ago the Dude & I entered some pics in the Florida Museum of Photographic Arts Members show. Here he is preparing to drop off his photograph, Paris In My Pocket, which he entered in the Travel category.

I decided to send it a couple of iphone/instagram pictures. The top one in the digital category- the show has a screen where they rotate the images. And this little fellow in portraits:

A couple of days later we checked out opening night & voted for our faves for the "people's choice" award. There were lots of fun photos submitted, a variety of styles on a range of interesting topics.  Photographers were encouraged to be flexible in their interpretations of the eight categories, so a really interesting mix.

In addition to the people's choice award. There were awards for Best of Show, plus a winner and honorable mention in each category - these were determined by a panel of three judges. 

While the Dude was briefly disappointed to not win, he was very encouraged by one of the FMoPA staff members who  hung the show. She told him that he was one of only two young people to have ever had their work in the museum's members shows over the years. That cheered him up quite a bit and now he wants to enter the Tampa Regional Artists photography show this weekend. 

I was surprised to learn that my sprouting bean photo (top image) received honorable mention in the digital category - woo! I didn't expect anything but submitted just to "get back out there" and to give the Dude some solidarity and encouragement. 

I've been putting off this blog post, hoping FMOPA would release a list of the winners so I could link up. Nothing yet, but when they do I will come back and add a link.

This show will be up through July 28. Two other fascinating exhibitions are going on through September, the New Visions Contemporary Artists series & Edward S. Curtis' historic photogravures of Native Americans. Both are worth checking out. The Dude & his Dad especially enjoyed the Curtis images. 

FMoPA is located in Downtown Tampa at 400 Ashley Drive.  Click here for hours & directions.
By the way, my instagram account is http://instagram.com/artsnark