Rainy Days in the Garden

day 83 sunflower bud

Florida summers are known for their heat 

day 82 monarch waiting out the rain

and we get some fantastic daily storms

day 81 rain again

our plans may get soggy

day 80 pentas and bee

(yesterday we lost 2 umbrellas to a mini-monsoon)

day 79 mimosa pudica (aka touch-me-not)

but it sure energizes the garden

day 79 rainy Sunday

in fact, the top sunflower is a "weed" 

day 78 infinite jasmine

birthed out of nowhere once the rains came

Hope you've enjoyed these damp pics from my 365 days in garden project (via iphone & instagram).  If you like, you can find more here. 

So, tell me, how does your garden grow?


  1. The rain has been great for my garden, too!! My herbs especially have been thriving!!

  2. My ferns are going insane in all this wet weather. My only concern is that there's probably a gazillion mosquito larvae in the bromiliads!

  3. Beautiful dear girl...enjoy every second of your summer!