Gardening Blues

day 119 shooting into the sun / plumbago

I am just over 1/3 of the way through the 365 days in a garden project! With art & blogging falling to the side this summer, one thing I have managed to keep up with is posting a garden-themed picture a day over on Instagram. View all the photos at Instagram.com/Artsnark.

day 110 lantern
day 110 lantern

Some days I'm out back in my pjs, stalking bugs ... even before coffee. Others days have found me in the rain, trying to keep the iphone dry while clickety-clicking. There have even been a few last minute quick & dirty snaps shot before the last light fades.   

day 118 under the passionvine
day 118 Under the passionvine

Started on a whim, as a way to play with instagram and keep an eye on my plants, some days this project has been my only creative outlet. 

If you are enjoying the pics, keep following. If you prefer flickr , they are in my photostream  http://www.flickr.com/artsnark ; Please note: I'm behind on updating sets though. There is also a board on pinterest, http://pinterest.com/artsnark/365-days-in-a-garden/ - although I am behind on updating that one too. 

Hope to catch up on loads of stuff when school starts next week, including those photo-sharing updates.... and a return to more consistent blogging!  If you are in the bloggity neighborhood Saturday, pop by for part 2 of my Urban Brew & BBQ review. If I don't catch you until later, best wishes for a creative day & wonderful weekend!

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