Musical Monday - Lazy Bones

Finally got around to watching Season 2 of The Walking Dead last week (when I should have been blogging) & have been listening to Wooden Shjips ever since. Lazy Bones appeared in Episode 10 & you can find lots of their other tunes on YouTube. My current fave is Flight:

On the theme of lazy bones: I still need to share Part 2 of the Urban Brew & BBQ experience! Sheesh! Thanks for your patience - it will post sometime this week. (If you missed my first visit to this St. Petersburg neighborhood joint, click here for details and tasty photos.)

We've been busy cramming as much fun as possible into the last days of summer. School starts tomorrow & The Dude isn't too thrilled. He tends to move to the beat of his own drum when given the chance and is just not a fan of getting up early. Of course neither am I. I have a hunch an extra large pot of coffee will be a must over the next couple of mornings. 

How about a final sleepy earworm for the day from They Might Be Giants? Tune into this ditty & try not to yawn - I dare ya.

What are you listening to today? Want to share? Looking for something new? Click Here ---> Cathy Kennedy's Stories will be happy to get you started over at the Musical Monday Blog Hop.


  1. Oh, my gosh....I'd never heard of this band before, but I think I'm their new biggest fan now :) I love the psychedelic sound so much these days. Thanks for introducing us!

    I'm avoiding TMBG, though. Don't need to sleep just yet.

    Just here via the Music Monday hops....here are my selections:

    This Belle Rocks - Oh Monday
    Girls at the Rock Show - Smile Like You Mean It - It's The Killers in Atlanta!
    The Music Mamas - Let's see if we can't get the week started off right

  2. My 5 year old is the biggest They Might Be Giants fan. Hope your dude's first day back goes well!

  3. All new-to-me freebie tunes, which I'm groovin' to this morning. Thanks for joining the 4M crew on the dance floor!

  4. these are new to me thank you for sharing