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Smokin' WIP

Reworking an older drawing for November's SubAtomic art show in Sarasota, FL. The only requirements are that the piece be 12" x 12", attached to cardboard & with a theme of Music. Proceeds from art sales will benefit WSLR.org 96.5 . While the acidity of the cardboard concerns me a bit, I love the idea of keeping the pieces affordable. And with this theme, I could not resist! I almost always draw/paint to music & everything I make has a secret soundtrack.  The energy helps me dive right in to whatever vibe I need to make things flow.

Tonight I'm listening to KishiBashi, of course. If you are not familiar with this insanely talented musician, put your ears on & click that video. If a fan, I know you are already enjoying Manchester for the 100th (1000th?) time.

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