Musical Monday - Welcome to the 70's

I'm still crazy-behind on the blogging, 

but I couldn't let a 1970s Musical Monday pass me by.

Wow- I got stuck in my time machine this evening.

So many timeless favorites...

but so little time tonight...

And then there are just those silly little ditty's that simply make the toes start tapping:

If you're looking for more blasts from the past, click here and pop over to Xmas Dolly's blog hop. There is also a second theme of Disney tunes today if that is more your style.


  1. hi stacey,
    stuck in the middle is a favourite, thanks for the others, some i hadn't heard before.

  2. Good to have you again :)
    Break out the music! You are having a party here!
    Thanks for rocking out with us!

    Have a blessed week!

  3. The 70s was a good era for music, no question about it! You got some groovy ones here today. Thanks for hitting the dance floor with the 4M crew! ;)

  4. Love your retro collection :-)

    Have a tanfastic week :-)

  5. Retro collection? Hmm Yes I guess you would call those that , but I love love Stuck in the Middle with you! Hubby really likes that one too. He's always playing that. Thanks for sharing and hope to see you next week to Rock the House!

  6. Oh your picks this week are really great. Nice to see you back too. We all get behind on blogging sometimes.

    Several of these I had not heard before so it was a treat.

    Have a good week.