Dark Arts - Creepy Collector's Cabinet

Happy Halloween!

Last week I shared some new pieces made for the Dark Arts: Creep group show. If you missed them, click here (opens in new window).

I also had fun cobbling together this Collector's Cabinet (40 - 48). The cabinet is covered with paint and some really cool textured papers.

The knobs are old railroad nails numbered 40 - 48.

Inside the creep displays his treasures.

Distorting mirrors reflect the gatherer admiring the latest acquisitions.

Inventory is labeled, in this case with old playing cards. Just one more left to go before this set is complete and a new one can begin. 

Of course, the hunt is (more than) half the fun.


The drawer handle is a frozen Charlotte crank for winding.

Here's a sneaky peek inside the drawer. 

I imagine the owner of this box is a lifelong collector, dedicated to his craft.

1 comment:

  1. What a wonderful idea!
    You are so talented Stacey!
    I really miss our ATC Swap days :(
    Times change and you are growing in your talent my dear.