Illustration Friday - prehistoric

Super fun challenge from IF today = 'prehistoric'! 

Don't know if I'll have time to draw this week (busy prepping for one of our big trade shows, the NY Toy Fair), so I took a few minutes of precious TGIF time to dig up & play with a dusty ole negative.... yes, from the ancient days of *gasp* film.

However I don't think IF accepts photos, so I won't bother submitting. But, hey, if you feel inspired to create: (1) share your antediluvian adventures online (2) link up to illustrationfriday.com & (3) be sure to tell me about it so I can check your primeval self out.

Before you leap back into the future, be sure to comment below. It'll get your name into the hat for my next random drawing. On 2/13 one winner picks their fave ACEO  (mini art print) from my etsy shop,Artsnark's Artifacts, to add to their collection.

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  1. Hey, Stacey, I can't believe no one commented! I can just imagine meeting this guy out in the badlands somewhere!
    (from 52 Pickup)