Year in A Garden Final Countdown

Day 361
Where did the time go?
I can't believe my 365 Days In A Garden project
is almost at an end.

Day 359
What started as a whim has turned into a bit of a passion. (Obsession?) There have even been a couple of nights that I've stepped outside with iphone & a flashlight when I realized the day had almost passed me by.)

day 357
This project has been great fun, making me notice lots of little things (including critters) I would have walked right by otherwise.

Day 355
I'm sure I'll keep going after the photo-year is up. It is just too much fun!

Speaking of fun, tomorrow is the Taste of South Tampa, a family friendly foodie fest. Tickets are still available for this afternoon event (click here). If you are not attending you can still follow along with the fun tomorrow

I'll also be sharing on Twitter https://twitter.com/ArtsnarkTampa and Instagram http://instagram.com/artsnark. I'll also post a recap of this tasty time here next week.

On a final note: I keep forgetting to promote my latest random drawing! On 4/24 one lucky reader gets a $25 gift certificate to my online art shop Artsnark.Etsy.com. I'm also having a sale until May 1st, so if the winner cashes their prize in before then, they can get an even better bargain. Click here for several ways to enter this random drawing.

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